The Bar Congratulates Gina Rodriguez (@HereIsGina)


The Bar Loves Gina Rodriguez

Did I not tell you how awesome this woman is? Did I not tell you how awesome this woman is?

Try tell me she's not awesome. I dare you.  I double-dare you.
After an annoyingly long* hiatus, Jane the Virgin is finally back in our lives. And it comes along with good news: Gina Rodriguez’s Golden Globes win for Best Actress in a Television Series (Comedy or Musical) is paying off immediately. Already a hit, even more people are curious about her show now, and it, well, shows. Jane the Virgin returned to its highest ratings since it debuted back in October. The longevity of the show’s buzziness will still be up in the air for a while longer, but this is obviously a good thing for the series — and a good sign for The CW, who might be learning a crucial lesson about what audiences respond to in their programming.

Jane the Virgin [is] immediately notable for its representation, an heir to Ugly Betty’s portrayal of Latino characters as the heroes of their own lives. It’s something Gina Rodriguez mentioned in her Golden Globes speech, and it’s something that resonates — in ways both very personal and, to any executives who might be reading this, crucial to business practice. A diversity of available and accessible stories in our media are crucial to our culture, but studios and networks need to understand that they are crucial to their business. Diverse stories have proven that they will rake in the cash and the ratings when they are deftly handled, and Jane the Virgin’s continued success at The CW proves it once again.
Um...what have we been saying?

I'm infamous for distrusting the CW, but to be fair, I've had my reasons.  In fact, I've had more than a few.

That being said, the CW has been doing a couple of things right lately, and Jane the Virgin is definitely one of them.  The episodes don't drag, the writing tends to stay fairly tight, the jokes are consistently funny, and the cast is amazing.  Along with the absolutely enthralling Gina Rodriguez herself, a couple of other actresses have really caught my attention.

Andrea Navedo as "Xiomara Villaneuva"
This fabulous chanteuse portrays Rodriguez's mother on the show as the fabulous, flamboyant Xiomara, who had Jane when she was sixteen.  Navedo is one hell of an actress, she brings a fiery glamor to every scene, and I don't know why it took me so long to find out about her.  Her chemistry with Rodriguez is flawless t the point that I have trouble remembering they're not related in real life.  In fact, it kinda depresses me a little.

Azie Tesfai as "Nadine Hansan"
This East African goddess (Eritrean-Ethiopian to be specific) has the eyes of a hypnotist.  A real-life fashion designer, Azie Tesfai has recurring role as an American detective on Jane the Virgin.  Considering her role, she has a decent amount of screen time, but she hasn't been fleshed out too much yet.  Here's hoping we get see more of her in general, because I adore this woman.

So...if you're watching the show and loving it, please let me know what you think!


  1. Asada:
    " a culture that wants to see themselves as hero's ".... I'll burn that in my mind. That's exactly what it is with the newer , better, more wonderful entertainment.


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