Field Negro is right when he says some black celebrities really need to not speak in public.  To be fair, that goes for a lot of celebrities, but in this case....
The lack of Oscar support for "Selma" has made headlines, but Mackie plays down the idea that the Academy Awards voters were being discriminatory. “People are just tired of being bombarded with race right now,” says the actor. “So everybody is shying away from certain topics and certain movies.”

He goes on to remark, “If you look at all the movies and actors that are nominated, they all gave damn good performances. Me specifically, if thats something I want, I have to step my game up. I have to do better movies and I have to act better.” Mackie does admit that black actors are at some disadvantage for certain roles. “Hollywood believes that there’s no market overseas for black actors,” he explains. “They say that about Denzel Washington, they say they have no foreign value. If we’re not financing and doing our own stories, we can’t expect to see ourselves come award season.”

But Mackie may be generating the most controversy with his take on the topic of police violence against young black men. He tells the outlet, “Like my nephew wanted to grow dreadlocks. I’m like fine, I’ll sit you down and I’ll watch ‘The First 48′ with you and everybody you see on that show, that’s doing something wrong, they’re black dudes with dreadlocks. So, do you want to be seen as part of the problem or do you want to be an individual?”

“Let’s just say you have locks and you walking down the street,” says Mackie. “The police pull you over and say you fit the description of somebody. You start yelling and arguing with the cops. Next thing you know you pressed up against the wall going to jail for something you’re not even involved in just because you look like somebody and you don’t know how to handle yourself.”
~ MSN: "Anthony Mackie: 'Black dudes with dreadlocks' are part of police violence problem; Actor slammed for comments"
Field Negro theorizes Mr. Mackie's next role will be a butler in the antebellum south. After remarks like these, that's something I'd honestly want to see. *blink*  Like...I skipped over all the other servant-and-slavery flicks (LOL...just made me think of sword-and-sorcery), but I'd actually pay to see Mackie in some shit like this.  I would go to an actual theater and everything.

(Oh, and by the way...I think it goes without saying about the MSN article: don't read the comments.)


  1. I see why I'm not into entertainment anymore.between him and Oprah..Arrgh! they are losing my respect.

    As I've been saying, Black stars today aren't like the stars in the 1960's, they spoke out against the injustices that inflicts us,but these I've been saying.. you will find more Black stars expressing their anger over someone's hair color than about social issues and racism..such as the one with the Oscars.

    I was on a website not long ago and on it , the author discussed all of the Black actresses who Oscars . If you look at all of these actresses and the category they won it in it's either about something stereotypical like being a slave ,maid, whore, abusive mother.. a poster also reminded him about Denzel Washington's role on his Training Day movie.a bad cop.

    I also read another great comment about the Oscars where a poster said that if a Black person is nominated/won one, it's about a " White savior" kind of film. She also ( as well as others) suspect that maybe Ava Duvernay didn't win/nominated for an Oscar because of what she said about not wanting to make those kind of movies( White savior) and the MLK movie didn't fit their criteria of being such a movie.

    It's ashame that Black men..dreadlocks or no dreadlocks... have died for people like him I guess Mr. Mackie didn't look at at Mike Brown or Eric Garner. They didn't wear dreadlocks, with Mike going to college, yet he still got killed for it. Black people should have a right to wear any hairdew they want as long as it's cleaned. What's the message that Mackie trying to send, that Black actors/actressed should just settle for less and be silent. If we kiss up as , as he seems to want to he'll quickly discover as the saying goes he'll have a "boat without a paddle".

    1. That fool Mackie is under the impression that if Black people stop looking a certain way, everything will be fine. Nothing can be further from the truth. He OBVIOUSLY does not understand White supremacy in this country. Dreadlocks or not, 3-piece suit or not, six-figure income or not, employed or not, upstanding American citizen or not, if you are Black, you are in trouble. Point blank. Some one will, or at least try, to fuck you up.

    2. @ Mickey

      Flawlessly stated. That's that "New Black" drone-speak, uttered from a place of wealth and fame privilege.

  2. “People are just tired of being bombarded with race right now,” says the actor.

    If this hadn’t been explicitly attributed to him I would have sworn it came from a white person. Needless to say, Dreadlocks- Braids & Afros have always threatened whites because of the Otherness it implies. They’re an encroachment upon a world where Sameness is synonymous with safety/normalcy. It means having to cater to another point of view: It means being forced to show empathy towards those not of like kind, where before (in their Madmen-like world) they could say what they wanted, disparage who they wanted- show deference to whomever they wanted, while answering to no one. Hence the others’ presence bombards them with race, where before they were never obliged to consider it. What’s different for me as an artist is that many times the person judging my work has no idea that I’m black until I show up at the reception.

    For me it means I can be judged on the basis of my work and be lauded accordingly. Sadly, a thespian’s ethnicity speaks more to Hollywood’s racial caste than it does to their craft- so many actors of color adopt coping skills to survive, much like blacks in the industry did during Segregation. Hence, some find themselves speaking kindly of a system that throws them peanuts lest their livelihood suffers. Oh they throw us a bone every now & then to keep us docile/quiet but they’ve no intent of capitulating to a racial binary by broadening the reach of its membership. If it’s a White Industry than the expressed purpose of said commerce is to Reward its Own. Hence, the same organization that confers an Oscar to a black woman for playing a maid, can unashamedly banish her to a station away from the white honorees for such was the dichotomy of race. Best to cater to 70 percent of the population than a paltry 12 percent (many whites reason).

    Black people should have a right to wear any hairdew they want as long as it's cleaned...

    As a Father I remember telling my son to tone down his hairstyle (A cross between Robert De Niro’s character from Taxi Driver and one of the antagonists from PC game RAGE) because he appeared too menacing. To him he was merely expressing his artistic freedom (had ambitions of becoming a barber). He didn’t understand what I meant until he was called out by his supervisor, who told him he scared the employees/customers and that he could either keep his hairstyle or lose his job. He worked at TrueGreens in Columbus as the only black male there. Was it racist? Yes. Was it fair? No, but sadly- he learned he had to make “certain accommodations” when working in some white areas. Had he been white I’m sure it wouldn’t garnered a mention.

    1. Best to cater to 70 percent of the population

      In an age when children of color already outnumber white children in America, and so many undocumented brown people remain tight-lipped, and white people are expected to become a minority within a mere four decades, I have no choice but to question this statistic.

    2. In an age when children of color already outnumber white children in America, and so many undocumented brown people remain tight-lipped, and white people are expected to become a minority within a mere four decades, I have no choice but to question this statistic.

      White people have placed their trust in this particular statistic for quite some time now. I'm sure they can do the math. Still it continues to pop up during conversations about the Oscars and over-representation in popular media, but I'm with you on this one. The fact that American Sniper did so well at box-office, (sold a lot of white tickets) or the fact that so many Republicans won mid-term elections (balloters my age) tells me the numbers are still there (where it counts anyways). But I agree, things are changing.

  3. Leo Princess1/21/15, 8:38 AM

    I'm just going to copy/paste a comment from Shadow and Act's FB page:

    "It's interesting, people weren't tired of race when he was doing Spike Lee movies and portraying ex Black Panthers. But now that he's getting his sack licked by white boys in big budget super hero movies.......such a coincidence...."

    1. Bingo.

      Not only that, but how come POC - not just black people - but POC in general appearing in mainstream film and TV is considered a "bombardment"? Considering the national and international demographics, wouldn't the white saturation in Hollywood qualify as a bombardment?

    2. Leo Princess1/22/15, 12:24 AM

      "Considering the national and international demographics, wouldn't the white saturation in Hollywood qualify as a bombardment?"

      Hmph. Funny how that works.

  4. I have always treated Anthony Mackie with great distance and side eyes. He has been sprouting New Blackness for a long time. When he was disagreeing with Spike Lee about gentrification in Brooklyn and that he was happy that it was happening. Of course he would, since he has a restaurant there, that means white money coming in. He saying black actors are lazy in Hollywood and that there are more opportunities than ever. Or he's mad that rappers are acting and taking his roles since he was a Julliard trained actor, but then goes on to play 2 Pac in the Biggie movie.

    As far as these celebrities and people saying, "well they need to be careful because the white man will take their money." Like the celebrities in the 50's with McCarthyism, 60's during the civil rights era, 70's Vietnam War weren't being black listed, but they still spoke up about racism and issues that were happening. But according to Mackie Blacks in Hollywhite have distribution deals, Oprah has her own network so everything should be copacetic to talk out about "BlackLivesMatter."

    1. He saying black actors are lazy in Hollywood and that there are more opportunities than ever.

      He's saying Never mind. I'm not even going to.

    2. Girrrl...

      Anthony Mackie about gentrification of Brooklyn:

      Spike Lee made headlines in February when he compared the gentrification in Brooklyn to Christopher Columbus. But not everyone sees it that way.What do you think?

      The first Brooklyn resident to speak out against Lee’s rant, was actor Anthony Mackie. “I live in Brooklyn. My address is in Brooklyn. I have two restaurants in Brooklyn. I don’t have a problem with gentrification. The people [who] want to live in Brooklyn, move to Brooklyn.” Mackie added: “Some people might say when Spike moved to Manhattan, that was a type of reverse gentrification. As your tax brackets changes, I guess your zip code changes.”

      Anthony Mackie, Blacks in Hollywood are "Lazy" right now:

      “I think right now [blacks] are being kinda lazy on our game,” Mackie said. “There are enough brothers with distribution deals and production deals where we should be making our own movies.”

      Mackie, who starred as Tupac Shakur in 2009’s Notorious, said there is no shortage of black directors, writers or stars.

      “Oprah got her own network,” Mackie said. “Michael Jordan own a franchise. We got black money. So there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be able to tell the stories that we want to tell and portray ourselves the way we want to be portrayed.”

      The thing with the whole Black actors are Lazy thing is, yeah we should be able to make a whole bunch of different genre movies because Black people do have spending power, but we can't do it with the Hollywood machine, we all know that they only let 1 in every 10-15 years. Hollywood Shuffle is still relevant today.

      But Mackie isn't being truthful about the distribution deals that control what theaters will play your movies, he's not putting that intersectionality about the power plays. "Sony Hack". I mean come on!

    3. Well then maybe that's POC need to work on next: building a national chain of theaters which specialize in showing our films.

    4. There has to be support though. Maybe start off with one or two, but it would be a waste of money to build a chain that doesn't get supported. Also ALL POC movies need to be shown in the theaters AND be supported at the same time. As he said a bunch of different genre movies need to be made because everyone will not like the same thing. As much as people hate Tyler Perry he was smart cause he picked an undeserved group and made movies geared towards that group. It paid off. Others need to do the same thing.

    5. It wouldn't hurt if we started with our own online streaming service focused on compiling films and shows created for and by POC. No more free viewings on YouTube.

    6. That is just it. It still comes down to people paying or wanting to pay for it. If people are not willing to support with their pocketbooks then its a waste of time. I strongly believe the potential is there. The services you mentioned could be huge especially if you also imported movies from other countries (normally are better in my opinion).

  5. I would love some Octavia Butler movies.


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