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  1. Lord, won’t wonders ever cease. No matter how this President exceeds expectations his legacy hinges on the prudence of Biased White Men.

    Neither the American nor the Cuban people are well-served by a rigid policy that’s rooted in events that took place before most of us were born,” Obama said Wednesday in his White House speech. “It’s time for a new approach.”

    “Wow,” is right. It took a Black President to undo 53 years of enmity between Cuba and our duplicitous homeland. When one considers the climate that bred the Cuban Missile Crisis, or the failure of policy that was The Bay of Pigs (we couldn’t win their hearts & minds so we sanctioned incursion), the easing of tensions between our two Republics is of no coincidence. The time had simply come to reconsider our stance.

    Poignantly, policies enacted to suppress /isolate Cuba were as racist as the people who imposed them. Such strategies are antiquated- and unworkable; they serve no useful purpose considering the number of Anti-American regimes we’ve bedded (like the whore that we are). Apparently the United States doesn’t have a problem with communism when it comes to borrowing $1.144 trillion from China. Nor does it flinch when it comes to erecting golden arches of capitalism in stanchly Red States. If memory serves, there was a time when the U.S. was fervently Anti-Communist, repudiating The Red Dragon (and like governments) for their much publicized record on human rights. And yet- Nixon went to China. No, our country doesn’t have a problem with communism when it needs a cab ride to the international space station.

    Best possible ambassadors for our values,” our President says (the word ‘Values’ kept recurring during his speech). What values? A country that so easily lends itself to torture should not (in my opinion) hold itself up as a beacon of virtue. (An indictment not so much laid at Obama’s feet, but rather the crooks who came before him).

    I do think that some human rights issues will be talked about in this trip,” she said. “I do not necessarily think that we’re talking about direct human rights conditionality in the restoration of diplomatic relations.”

    Such rhetoric rings hollow in the face of recent police killings. The world knows us better than we know ourselves, we’re not pulling the wool over anyone’s eyes by acting so piously. Of Assata Shakur I can say only this: Her actions (I’m not her judge) were “rooted in events that took place before most of us were born,” to use the President’s words. In light of recent events, maybe her fugitive status will be reexamined as well.

  2. I'm thinking this move has nothing to do with Shakur. This Cuban animosity is over 50 years old. Is anybody really sure where it stems from? The US forgave the Soviet Union, why not Cuba? The president wasn't even born during the Bay of Pigs. All these feelings are 2nd hand

    1. You are sorely mistaken if you think the US has forgiven or forgotten the Soviet Union. Plus there really isn't a Soviet Union anymore. When they(the individual states) broke up the threat pretty much disappeared. A quick rundown. Fidel (Che Guevara was the main man) were backed by the US waaaaaaaay before any of us were born. When he picked Communism the US got salty and started with the sanctions especially when the old Soviets tried to move missiles to Cuba. This didn't hurt Cuba because they had Soviet money which dried up when the USSR split up. China stepped in and took over which further ticked off the US. Fidel stepped down and his brother took over (though some think Fidel still pulls the strings) and things have slowly started to change. Such as people being allowed to leave freely. Before interference from outside like the Soviets and the US; Cuba was the leading country in the Caribbean.

  3. After all of those years, NJ still want Assata Shakur yet some of those same guys see nothing wrong with unjustly killing off minorities..How ironic.

    1. Cuba want to keep Assata. Even if President Obama were to pardon her, I don't think that it will do her much good. The government will always follow her. She will probably never have any piece of mind in the states.


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