Let's talk about the reactions to the torture report

Yes President Obama, we did indeed "torture some folks".

Former president Bush said that we did not, but now, of course, we know that is a lie. Or maybe not. Maybe former president Bush was misled as well. I bet Dick Cheney knew that we "tortured some folks". Methinks he protests a bit too much about the release of this report by The Senate Intelligence Committee.

It's not a "bunch of hooey" Mr. Cheney, you should be in jail.

We are now being told that the CIA used tactics that are "brutal and flawed", and according to one of the senators who was responsible for the release of the report; it is a "stain on our values and history."

Those on the right side of the political divide will tell you that this is no big deal, and that this program was needed to stop the next September 11 type attack from taking place in our homeland.

This is the position of Dick Cheney and some of the other apologists for the ignoble and inhuman act that is torture. We know now that this is not true. These torture programs did not stop one terrorist act from taking place on our shores, and it did not help us to kill Osama bin Laden.

So now that we know that America is no different than any other Third World country, and that we do not respect the rule of law; we have to ask ourselves if it was all worth it. I, for one, do not think that it was. But I am just a small time left wing progressive blogger from Philadelphia. Senator John McCain, who was himself tortured, apparently has no love for torturing folks, either. I will defer to him on this subject."
Um, excuse me...but is anyone else unimpressed with the cries of shock and dismay about the torture report?  People talmabout "we're not that kind of country" and "we shouldn't sink to other countries' level" - bitch, please...the United States of America was born on "that" level, okay?  It was built on that level.  Some of the shit the CIA did looked like it came straight out the pages of The Slave-Owner's Guide to Running a Plantation (While Keeping the Natives at Bay).

America's addiction to violence, degradation, and overall sociopathy is not news, children.  At least not to some of us.  We knew shit like this has been going on for a while.  Before the report came out, were we not just talking about a black man being murdered on camera and his killer walking fancy free?  Were we not just talking about police slaughtering literally hundreds of civilians of all colors every year without no repercussions?  Were we not just talking about a black man being killed every 28 hours in this country by white cops and vigilantes?

So what's with the "surprise"?  Commenters across the web are decrying governmental hypocrisy - what about the social hypocrisy?  What about all the deniers - who vote and paid taxes - who've gone on and on and on about how American history isn't as fucked as colored folk some people make it out to be, how this is "the greatest country on urf" and that anyone who has a problem with, well, anything needs to just leave*?

Negro, please.  *sips rum and Pepsi*

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*By the way...just an FYI: a lot us ARE trying to get out of this fucking country.  If we weren't stuck in an awfully convenient situation of shitty wages + long hours + rising costs of living, we'd've saved our money, learned new languages, and long been out this mug.  Instead, every time we want a new sweater for winter or some gas in our tank or just to go out to grab a burger from the cheapest joint we know, we get stuck making life-and-death decisions...wondering if the numbers in our checking account are randomly, drastically going to change overnight after we swipe our card.


  1. Very well stated as always. I think our State Department should be renamed to something more Orwellian like, The Department of Truth. After all, the ubiquity of its influence is surreptitiously woven throughout the fabric of popular media/entertainment, information/policy and education; propagandizing the masses by altering a course of events aligned to fit the dominate race’s narrative.

    The United States government spends billions on the dissemination of Propaganda all designed to brainwash us into believing that they are the good guys. The harbingers of freedom, blameless in their might, and that It is they (people of color, both home and abroad) who are the true enemies of Democracy. This is what happens when the white man’s allowed to exercise power unfettered, as it can have corrosive effect on someone already lacking in Empathy. Enter Zimbardo’s Prison Experiment.
    If you haven’t, here’s the study in a nutshell. 21 Stanford undergrads were recruited for a 2-week study, divided randomly into 10 “prisoners,” and 11 ”guards.” They were placed into a prison setting, where the prisoners occupied cells, and the guards watched over them. After 6 days, the experiment had spun out of control as simulation turned into reality, necessitating the early release of some prisoners. Most introductory psych texts use this experiment to demonstrate the “power of the situation,” and the fact that ordinary college students could become sadistic monsters (i.e. the guards) in the space of just a few short days.

    From the standpoint of the guards, the pathology of power led them to exert an “unprecedented degree of control” that was “self-aggrandising” and “self-perpetuating.

    Now this is what happens on a small scale, (with most if not all white men mind you). Now consider what could happen if the same conditions were sanctioned by the government. When contemplating the Rape of Nanking (or the Jewish Holocaust), countless barbarities were committed in the name of the State. Likewise, the white men operating these black sites feel justified, for they too act under the auspices of the state. Thus, in exercising such inhumaneness it is They Themselves who have become The True Enemies of Liberty, and not the brown-skinned people they tortured.

    Let this be a sobering testament for all, for you see- when you piss off twelve percent of the population the most you’ll get is protests in the street. But piss off over 1.5 billion Muslims -many of whom consider this nation, “a safe harbor-“ and the problems in Ferguson will look more like a walk in the park. You cannot release information like this without it having a chilling effect around the globe. I agree, this nation was founded on a bedrock of hypocrisy. It was the exercise in hypocrisy that brought this nation to power (celebrating freedom, while it immured slaves). But as the saying goes, “what goes around, comes around.” Ergo, you reap what you sow.

    1. (Thunderous applause)

    2. Yep! one can only hide their dirt for so long and eventually it would come out.

      Slowly, some people are facing the reality of out " great " nation. My brother and I had a discussion about his. Some of his non-American friends are amazed how African Americans take the stuff they do. Even some of my foreign questioning their residency here. To them, the USA is not the field of dreams that their folks filled in their heads,but a nightmare that is permeating this very fabric. To them it's so bad,some of them are either going to their native homes or thinking about it. I wish that I had another home to go to in another country because if I did, I would go. Sure, you may face some degree of racism in some of these countries,but from what I'm hearing from a lot of these people..including Black people is that when it comes to police brutality them..it's almost non existent. Right now, the US has to be one the most stressful countries in the world and it's problems like this is why it is like that.

      Not too long ago, I expressed my dismay of not standing for the flag. Reasons such as Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin ,Tamir Rice(You can't get any lower than shooting a kid for having fun) and countless other Blacks and POC's who have been victimized by the police. I also stand for some of my family and other people's friends who have been done the same way ..and probably may get done like this. I mean how can I salute for something that have never been true. I can't..and won't.

      Some folks ..especially the far right think that putting Obama in office was a mistake. I may not agree with everything he have done,but I'm glad that he's in there for one predominate reason: the truth. Before he even became president, most of us predicted that the truth would come out about the US and boy has it: prejudice ,hypocrisy and a destruction of a nation..from yours truly..White society. Now that Ferguson have come out, the world is really seeing this country for what it is.


    3. Let this be a sobering testament for all, for you see- when you piss off twelve percent of the population the most you’ll get is protests in the street. But piss off over 1.5 billion Muslims -many of whom consider this nation, “a safe harbor-“ and the problems in Ferguson will look more like a walk in the park.

      For real. I don't think the report has fully sunken in yet, but shit is about to go do, especially considering so many other nations were complicit and they've been outed as well.

    4. For real. I don't think the report has fully sunken in yet, but shit is about to go do, especially considering so many other nations were complicit and they've been outed as well.

      When that fateful day comes there won’t be enough police officers (honest or otherwise) to stem the tide of opposition. Reminds me of the Animatrix segment in which the narrator eloquently expounds on how man becomes the architect of his own demise. In this case xenophobia (fear made manifest) will be the spur that ushers in the white man’s ruin. The handwriting is on the wall, it’s inevitable Mr. Anderson.

    5. *shit is about to hit the fan

  2. Trust and believe I wish I could leave this country. Even if anti-blackness is global the cost of living and health care is better in a lot of other places. College debt is going to be a hassle to get rid of, especially b/c the government has the power to just take money right out of your bank account.

  3. Only people living in a shell of privilege could not believe how dark this country truly is. Instead, and I've seen it, there are people who are madly in love with this country. I mean they would marry it if they could. If you tell them unpleasant truths about this nation, past and present, watch them get defensive in seconds while calling you 'anti-American'. It's like telling them their wives or husbands are cheating on them and they refuse to believe it, because they worship the ground they walk on.

    1. But do you think they know and just don't want to have to deal with the inconvenience of facing this particular reality? Like they are aware of their privilege and that it comes at the expense of others, but they just don't want to have to deal with that?

    2. I say this because whenever you confront white people with reality, I find that the "I've never heard that/I didn't know that" is basically a knee-jerk, copy-n-paste, drone-speak response. They know, but that they just don't want to have to deal with it.

    3. Yep. I think they know, but could care less, because it doesn't pose a threat to their comfort zones. They don't see it as a priority. So, they don't give a damn about it. In other words, their moral bankruptcy would show, as Abagond would say.


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