The Bar Loves Gina Rodriguez (@HereIsGina)

After the cancellation of Selfie, I'm on Red Alert for other POC-led shows.

I just watched all four episodes of newcomer Jane the Virgin and I gotta say...1) This show is awesome, and 2) Gina Rodriguez is flawless.

Without a doubt, Jane the Virgin is a telenovela, filled with zany twists and highly unlikely events.  But that's the point.  It's Ugly Betty with neither the ugly nor the nerd factor.  The idea of a steadfast virginal "good girl" getting knocked up via accidental insemination is the stuff of genius.  The scene where the doctor tells Jane she's pregnant is incredibly hilarious.

The show is also totally helping me learn some Spanish.

And Gina is just sexy, y'all.  She's slender, but curvy, with beautiful eyes and skin.  And she's a great actress; her interaction with the actresses playing her mother and grandmother are electric and genuine, and her comedic timing is laugh-out-loud good.  Not only do I want her show to have several seasons, I want her career to really go somewhere.  At the age of 30, she's ready to take off.  She's ready to have all eyes on her.

She's totally earned it.

And did I mention this show has lesbians?  And not just nominal lesbians, but passionately-kissing-and-tearing-each-other's-clothes-off lesbians?

Yes, the redhead is the brunette's stepmom. *blink* Telenovela, remember?


  1. *nods* Main girl favorited this on Twitter.

  2. Gina Rodriguez is amazing. I was rather apprehensive about this show when I first heard of it (admittedly judging it mostly by the title), but I was proven oh so very wrong.

    The fact that there are actual lesbians actually on an actual show and they aren't there just to be ogled is also wonderful.

  3. I watched the 1st episode today and I liked it. She's pretty cool, she looks like she has some control over life, even after that thing.
    Yeah, the title is not a good one. I naively expected it to be about a woman who's a virgin for other reasons but they just gave us the next-door girl who's more on the conservative side due to her mother. Me da igual, in the end, not really disappointed since it is expected from TV series. Yeah, I like hearing Spanish too, I even wondered if I should watch the original TV series in Spanish. Maybe later.


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