The Bar Loves Carlos Valdés (@Tha_Los)

So after weeks of dodging The Flash, I'm officially hooked.  I didn't think the CW had it in them.  I mean these are the people who gave us Reign for pygmy's sake.

In addition to the fabulous Candice Patton, Carlos Valdés as Cisco Ramon caught my eye immediately.  Patrons...every so often TV unleashes a character that is so much of what you want that you have to wonder if your prayer's been answered personally.

Cute nerd?  Check.  POC?  Check, check.  Long hair???  Aw, shit....

Cisco is the genius who builds the "toys" on the show; he also does most of the complex calculations the Flash needs when wondering how fast he has to go to run up the side of a building or across water or to take out a man who's made of metal.

I love Cisco's energy, his humor, and the way he likes to name the random metahumans the Flash faces off.  I'm quite impressed with his characterization thus far, but I'd like to see more of his personal life and backstory.  We've learned quite a bit about the other characters, and the show thus far has been set up for us to learn about them with ease, so now I need to know if Cisco has his own crib or still lives with his mom.  I want to know what got him into engineering and how he wound up at STAR Labs.  And I definitely wanna see him get lucky.

*snaps fingers* Hop to it, CW.


  1. I'll have to start watching. I keep telling myself that I will, but never do.

    1. I always preferred Marvel's characters, and where DC was considered, never gave the Flash a second thought. Or a first thought for that matter.

      But with actors like Jesse L. Martin, Candice Patton, and now Carlos Valdés, this show definitely has my attention.

    2. And to give credit where credit is due, Grant Gustin (The Flash himself) is one hell of an actor.


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