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Y'all...that fro....*breathless sigh*
Some of you will recall a while back that I did a post on actor Khalif Boyd.  The intent was to cover Mr. Boyd and then cover Nigerian singer Brymo directly after him.

However...around that time, Michael Brown was murdered in Ferguson, Missouri and that immediately drew the Bar's attention.  And to me, in a way, that was social commentary in and of itself.  Here we are, POC of the blogosphere and vlogosphere, trying to build each other up, celebrate each other's accomplishments, and then a horrific event comes along and disrupts our positive momentum.

With Khalif Boyd, Brymo, and Michael Brown all on my mind in a constant furious rotation, I immediately began to wonder: what if a young brown man is killed by the cops...but doesn't exactly stay dead?

Thus Oumar was born. Part of Middle Child Press's ongoing Free Fiction Series, Khalif Boyd inspires the character of Oumar, a young psychology doctoral candidate who's murdered by the Houston police.  In death, Oumar discovers he has an extremely rare gift.

As for Brymo...his music helped with the opening credits.

Now that I finally have a laptop again, I can happily write all the chapters I want this weekend.  Stop by Dark & Twisty and let me know what you think of Oumar!


  1. Did I mention I am a fan of the opening credit? Just wanted to restate it again.


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