Wes Gibbins and the Colorstruck Brotha

Wes, who has some serious neighbor attachment issues, decides it’d be a brilliant idea to fake an attorney ID to pose as Rebecca’s lawyer after hearing Griffin throw her under the bus. As a law student who should know the consequences of such an act, Wes continue[s] to baffle me. Why is he risking everything for his emo neighbor, who kicks him out saying the kid is stalking her and posing as a lawyer. She does not seem to share the same neighborly obsession (yet). (Source)

Back at Wes’s apartment, Waitlist pulls out those puppy-dog eyes and gets Rebecca to tell him the code for Lila’s phone. Which she does. Which almost makes less sense than Wes’s creepy obsession with a girl he hardly knows.

...Wes was willing to insider trade for Rebecca. Dude, you knew her for like two days. She’s your neighbor. Why are you this fixated?
For those of you who haven't been watching How to Get Away with Murder, I've give you a quick rundown:

You already know Alfred Enoch portrays Wes Gibbins, the underdog law student who's accepted off the wait list (hence the nickname), and then winds up not only working for the formidably Annalise Keating, but also becomes entangled in a murder plot.

As the writer above so aptly states, Wes also has this over-the-top attachment to his unfriendly neighbor Rebecca Sutter (portrayed by Kate Findlay).  The series does this whole flashing between present-day and later on thing showing us that in addition to being a hardcore drug dealer/user, she's also quite possibly a murderer (she's currently involved with at least two).  Yet Wes feels the world is being unfair to her and that she's the one who needs help.

In one of the forward flashes, we're shown the two of them kissing, but I have my cynical brow raised.  Is she kissing him because she cares or because she needs a knight in chocolate armor to keep her ass out of jail?

Wes Gibbins, for all intents and purposes, is a perfect portrayal of a colorstruck brotha.

Now, before I continue, I need to clarify a few things.  One: I'm well aware that it's highly unlikely the writers actually intended to draft a colorstruck brotha.  Two: an MOC in a healthy, mutually affectionate relationship with a white person (for example), is NOT what I mean by a "colorstruck brotha". Three: yes, yes, yes....anyone can technically be colorstruck by someone of another race, but we already know the most common dynamic of this particular phenomenon.

Most of us have seen a colorstruck brotha in action.  He's that brown dude who trips over his own two feet and bends over backwards for a white girl (or guy).  Or he's a non-Asian who loses what's left of his IQ whenever he's stricken with the "fever" (*shudder*).  The most appalling (and entertaining) aspect of the colorstruck brotha is how horrified everyone around him often is - including the object of his obsession affection.

For men who are in denial of being the colorstruck brotha, watch Wes Gibbins on How to Get Away with MurderThis is a classic example of what you look like.  Read the critiques and reviews.  This is how the rest of us perceive you (including that person you don't want to admit you're stalking).  Although Wes may not have been specifically intended to be a colorstruck brotha, his behavior is spot on: fixation at first sight, repeated refusals to so much as even hear the word "No," willingness to go far, far above and beyond for a complete stranger.

Exhibits A, B, and C

In this one, Rebecca finds an excuse to plant a murdered girl's phone in Wes's apartment and in the flash forward scene, helps cover up a yet another murder for her.

In this one, Wes risks his career as a law student. He also appears to be strangely good at forgery (I suspect a big reveal further down the line).

Here Wes admits to not really knowing Rebecca, but even after he says it aloud, still fails to recognize his own crazy.

Back at the jail, Annalise goes to rescue Wes from his identity issues, and he then gives a grandiose speech about defending the little guys (which apparently includes the neighbor that tried to hide incriminating evidence in your bathroom, but whatever). Love the speech, but when Wes asks “Isn’t this why you do this, defend people so they get a fair trial?”, you have to ask yourself if he’s paid attention to the last three cases. (Source)


  1. Leo Princess10/20/14, 12:01 AM

    Sounds like he needs a Wake Up Call.

  2. What about Oliver being used as a booty call by Conner? At least (for now) he had the good sense to kick him out.

    1. Those two are a whole different post altogether.

  3. This post reminds me of a colorstruck brother from my own college class (so fitting since I JUST returned from our black alumni weekend). He and his friends made a road trip from New England to Montreal, to see some girl that he was totally losing his mind over.

    We had non-black friends in common, and they can also be a good gauge for what is colorstruck vs. what is just normal attraction. The friends who accompanied him on this 5 hour drive said they arrived at McGill, then waited for HOURS in the dorm for this girl the get back from class. The ENTIRE time, he could not stop talking about her.

    And then a girl arrived, and my friend (I will ALWAYS remember this comment) said "and then this girl came in, and I was thinking, 'oh, this must be her ugly friend'." But nope, this homely creature (and these were not guys who normally went there or had these ridiculous beauty bars to clear) was if fact the girl that we had driven him 5 hours and then waited several more hours to see.

    He got a big WTF from them all. They didn't realize that what elevated his status for her so much was that she wasn't black (they were white and Middle Eastern)

    Have heard similar comments (although usually non-black women happily accept their unearned beauty privilege from BM) from non-black women who see women of their own race that they think is unattractive with a good looking BM. (they never acknowledge this if they are the plain Jane in question being pursued by a colorstruck brotha though, and like you said, are frequently turned off, b/c many woman put BM on their "do not date" list).

  4. We had non-black friends in common, and they can also be a good gauge for what is colorstruck vs. what is just normal attraction.

    This is so true. The general WTF reaction towards Wes Gibbins' characterization has pretty much unanimous, which is precisely I strongly recommended folks watch this guy.


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