#IDGAF...I love "Black-ish"

Y'all, listen...Golden Ages come and go, the 1990s are over, coulda/woulda/shoulda/zero fucks given.  True, the Huxtables and Bankses are no more, but Black-ish is funny as hell, I laugh every single episode, and it's another great show - out of barely a handful - to look forward to each week.

Black, functional, upper-middle class family?  Check.  On-point casting?  Check, check.  Hell...I've been paying attention to Anthony Anderson since friggin' Romeo Must Die and Cradle 2 the Grave (personally, I preferred him bigger).  Tracee Ellis Ross led the cast of Girlfriends for almost a decade.  Laurence Fishburne was Morpheus.  And the kids playing the twins ("Jack and Diane") are the very epitome of breakout stars (Diane's my favorite character).  What's not to love?

Is Black-ish flawed?  Of course.  We're in Season One and the third episode only just aired last night.  Give it time and feedback, people.  I "get" Black-ish, I find some of the jokes to be incredibly witty, and I hope that with constructive criticism and consistent support, the show will move forward and last several years.

Is anybody else watching?


  1. That show is hilarious. There is nothing not to like. I don't get all the hate and criticism

  2. I admit..I haven't watched any of the comedies. I'm still trying to get into the grove of it. I also was intially offended by the title of the show and looking at some tidbits of the show what seemikngly appeared a little stereotypical. Then, again..sometimes I misinterpret things,but I'm just waiting to warm up to it. I may also want to eventually check out Cristela. Her show looks a little interesting.

  3. I really am enjoying this and relate to the the family situation although I was never as clueless about what it meant to be that "fly in the buttermilk" to quote Anthony Anderson's character.
    And the youngest daughter is so amazing with her delivery. I LOVED the episode where the mom was upset that she wanted to be in advertising like her dad and said to her mom "you wear the same outfit every day." Priceless. It's been a while since we've had a stable, loving black family on TV and it really is struggle that parents who climb the socioeconomic ladder know all too well.
    I'm from the south so had only 1 Jewish classmate but had a friend who went to a similar school in the North who wanted a bat mitzvah b/c she didn't associate it with religion so much as puberty b/c SO many of her classmates were have bat and bar mitzvahs. I thought the bro mitzvah was a nice idea...

    1. The episode where Diane decides to become a doctor is beyond hilarious. Her performance was flawless and the perfect example of a naturally gifted actor.

  4. It was flawless. I love that she is actually an actress and not just the "cute little kid" b/c her timing when her mom was begging her as her only chance was perfection. The delivery of her comments about her siblings, followed by the "Yes, I know...but no."


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