The Bar Loves Gigi

 ~ *~ Special Edition ~*~

In light of the recent Ethiopian New Year (September 11th), I figured I should give a shout-out to one of my favorite artists of all time.

I've been listening to Ejigayehu "Gigi" Shibabaw for well over a decade now.  She's known for fusing traditional Ethiopian singing styles with jazz.  The result is music from another dimension.  Her voice is powerful, solid, throaty and mutable.  A single wail will bring tears to your eyes.  A repetitive lyric will have you dancing in your seat.

Her 2001 album Gigi made her internationally famous, but a Gigi collection is not complete without at least Gold & Wax (2006) and her live album, Mesgana Ethiopia (2010).

It seems that like Sade, Gigi takes her time coming out with albums.  The music she has out now is more than enough to tide you over.

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