The Bar Loves Fatoumata Diawara

While drafting a new original series on Dark & Twisty, I scoured the web for dreamcasting inspiration and came across the beautiful, the mesmerizing, the impeccable Fatoumata Diawara of Mali.

Currently based out of France, Fatoumata's musical stylings and fashion sense are on a whole other level.  In addition to three albums she has eight films under belt, along with years of live performances as both a musician and a thespian.

Her voice? Sublime.

Purchase tracks here.


  1. Hello there. I've followed your blog for some time, and I really like your writing, and your artist recommendations. I really, REALLY liked this one, Diawara is wonderful. But, somehow the music reminded me of Miriam Makeba (South African, fled the country to France). I wonder, have you heard her music? I mean, if you haven't... (You have heard this one, but did you know it was by a woman born in South Africa, and a hit in that same country in the *1950s*?) From during her years in exile in France, she sings a ballad in French that rivals anything Edith Piaf did. "The Click Song". A traditional Xhosa song, the western name is because it is sung in the Xhosa language, which has the "click" kind of sounds in it. Yeah...

    Sorry, I've had a couple of glasses of wine. And then I checked out your blog and Diawara, for some reason, reminded me of Makeba, and I remembered you hadn't written about her... But you should, I mean, her nickname was "Mama Africa".

    1. I actually grew up listening to Miriam Makeba. My favorite album is Sangoma.


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