The Bar Loves Khalif Boyd (@hey_khalifornia)

Patrons of the Bar, please welcome actor/model/director Khalif proof that God is not only a woman, but every now and again She gives with both hands.

*nods* Let the Church say, "Amen."

I first came across Khalif Boyd while watching David So's comedy channel on YouTube.  At first I thought he was cast because he was a friend, then because he was a friend who happened to be really friggin' pretty...and then I soon realized that main man here has got skills.

Boyd can fluidly adapt to various moods and display impeccable comedic timing.  Some will say, "Well, uh...yeah; he's an actor, K", to which I have no trouble replying that most actors are complete shit, regardless of their status.

Anyhoo, I wanted to share some of my favorite David So skits which feature our dear guest.  And then I'm going to share a bunch of pretty pics.

Shall we?

David So actually wrote this next one specifically for Boyd in reaction to how people tend to go crazy over his fro in real life.  I'll keep it real; I myself have a bit of a weakness for men with magnificent fros.  *shrugs*  Is what it is.

Khalif Boyd is actually Afro-Vietnamese-American...just FYI.

Here's a short film he did, titled "A Minute in Life."


  1. You said " I'll keep it real; I myself have a weakness have a bit of a weakness for men with magnificent fros

    "Oh god yes..especially when it's on the head on your royal hotness. Those are some very nice pictures of Khalif.

    1. Me too. Ever since I went natural I've really started to notice the guys with their hair grown out. And I love it.

  2. GOOD LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sweet Mama Shesus, would you look at that fine brown hunk of good God Almighty.....

  3. I missed these posts of yours. I remember waiting for the credits to roll to find out who this gorgeous man was. So? Have you snagged him for an interview yet?

    1. Stop reading my mind.

      He is gorgeous, isn't he?

  4. Is it wrong that I want him b/c we have similar hair and could have a brood of giant haired children?

  5. Yum. Yum. Yum and talented too! I am officially a fan.!


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