Riot in Missouri

On Sunday evening, there were acts of civil unrest in Ferguson, Missouri. These disturbances were in response to the killing of Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager, who was shot multiple times by a police officer and whose body was left laying in the street for several hours. Witnesses to the event reported that Michael was shot without reason. The officer apparently shot him many more times once his body was on the ground. The police, have as expected, concocted a wildly ridiculous story to cover up the misdeeds of one of their own.

In response to the civil unrest, the commentariot class issues the 1) requisite condemnation of the "rioters" and 2) acts as though there is some great mystery for why people would take to the streets, "confront" the police, and "loot" businesses in their own community.

And of course, there will be an obligatory quote from Brother Doctor King that is taken out of context in order to condemn the "bad blacks" in Ferguson, Missouri.

The pressure to follow this public script is especially heavy for black and brown people.

I choose to deviate from those trite rhetorical norms.

Black people are not allowed to be angry. Black people are also not allowed to show the full range of righteous anger and indignation that is common to the human experience.

The outbreak of unrest in Ferguson was predictable and understandable. In fact, I am surprised that more communities which have been subjected to onerous, tyrannical, racist, classist, violent abuse by the police do not erupt in protest
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First, I want to say RIP Michael Brown. You were taken too soon, and I sincerely wish horrific, bloody vengeance upon the waste of skin who killed you.

Secondly, I want to say, "WTF, Missouri???"  Eric Garner ain't cold in his grave and some pig had to sent Michael Brown to join him - the fuck???

I don't support the death penalty, but I think we should make an exception in the case of cops.  They violate their oaths to protect and serve, they abuse their power while hiding behind a badge, and just when I thought my opinion of them couldn't get any lower, this had to go and happen.

Last but not least, I want to give a shout-out to BrothaWolf who put into words something which I think most POC are thinking in America today.

For those who are turning around and condemning the rioters of Missouri, understand thisif the law does not respect the people, the people will not respect the law.


  1. The Secret Ninja8/11/14, 7:30 PM

    this is just disgusting. i can't even watch "media" coverage of this because this is being spun as some type of justification by the police (isn't it always?). they can't explain how Michael got in the police car or why he was in the car, but suddenly he's out of the police car and he's dead, that is just one of the bs stories i've heard. i'm so sick of this. i'm so sick of this.

  2. Thanks for the shout out, my sista.

    I've had a few people on Twitter telling me, in so many words, that the rioting did not bring justice. Here's the thing, why should we respect the law when the law doesn't respect us?

  3. Those people who were looting were totally separate from the other protesters who were peaceful.

    1. Exactly..I will never why would some people want to loot in the mist of tragedy.. what a crying shame.

    2. Because those are opportunists! They see a situation and exploit it. They loot (and I do not believe in looting period) in their neighborhoods. Now these businesses have to struggle to recover from their stupidity. And most won't be able to come back. Or have no desire to come back to that neighborhood. There go jobs and convenience for those who live there. And none of those looting are going to pool their money together to help them get back on their feet.

    3. That is what is the sad part about it. Not only do some of them do the ridiculous thing of looting,but they end up stealing from our own people. To me, this is just as bad as those cops unjustly killing Michael. Otherwise, I support those people who are protesting against the killing.

    4. Man.. I really get so tired of media demonizing us. I just love how they make it seem that people are supposed to be human ice and not react to anything.

      There is no such thing as the perfect and if they look here and around the world, there are some " animals" in every region of the world. Let a sports team win or lose, you will see more White people rioting like fools.Why? It materialistic. Nobody was fighting for Human rights, they just have nothing better to do with their time yet were " animals" for fighting for the truth.

      Other for those looters..Im not embarrassed. To me, when a person has an negative image of Black people, they're minds about us has been made up about you long ago and I certainly feel that we should have to prove ourselves to racists critics.

      As a whole, Im glad that Black folks aren't pretenders. What you see is what you get and we do believe in justly fighting for our rights. If anybody tell you that they wouldn't do, they should keep their mouth shut because they're lying. Just like Brother Wolf said to go through this over and over again is enough to make one get tired of it and in this case with Michael they did. Nobody going to tell me that they will act indifferently to their loved one being slaughtered. I'm sorry,but they need to be real to themselves.

      If people think that it would be helpful to be silent about it, they need to think again. Martin Luther King tried it but it still got a little ugly no matter how much he preached /attempted nonviolence because the racists were trying to harm them.

      If causing " trouble" means finding the truth and justice about a wrongly massacred young man, so be it. There is no such thing as "beautiful injustice'. If you remain silent about it, people like those cops in Michael's case would have taken advantage of it and hurt/kill people even more.There are no short cuts with it. I'm not embarrassed of being Black/African American because of it. For people to have those racist thoughts are people who have no idea of our heritage and I'm proud that they have always had our backs our time of need.

  4. It's more like a powder keg. Like the cops are intentionally instigating people so that they will riot and loot. That's what they want to capture on camera, to make their actions look justified. The protests were peaceful from the beginning and only a few people have looted. But the cops didn't stop them. They just watched and laughed. The protesters had to be the ones to stop other people from looting. The cops are not helping them. If you guys check twitter and tumblr you'll get a lot of details that you won't see in mainstream media. It's very bad. Like the KKK is out there. There are KKK among the police force, so they were there from the beginning. But the new KKK members are burning crosses. They've got military-grade weaponry. There's a no fly zone over Ferguson right now. It's a war zone right now.

  5. I think one of the worse things about this situation is the fact that these people are being asked to leave and stop the protesting.To me that translates to “just submit to the injustice and the police brutality. You don't have the right to fight.” These police are no better than terrorists‚brutalizing these people with military grade weapons and total disregarding their constitutional rights.Also the police were there when the mourners were simply having a vigil for michael‚the rioters and the looters had nothing to do with it.


  6. I just learned what "militarization" means it's pretty self explanatory now that i am learning. The police are dressed in military gear with high powered weaponry that they use in Afghanistan and Iraq on poor black people who are citizens of the USA. I remember they did this to the Katrina victims after the hurricane drowned many people and they lost everything and traumatized from the aftermath. They had tanks and guns. This is how life in post racial America is for black people.

  7. Here is an interesting video about the Ferguson riots and what happened in 2012 with tanks going through the city of St. Louis.

  8. For a while now, I've often heard about the problems in St. Louis. While I never( and never will dismiss) the problems in that city, I just thought that maybe it was more like Detroit, where most of the problems were more about political corruption,but what can I say? this is sick. Tanks?! I mean..that is just plain diabolical. I wouldn't be surprised if this stuff is practiced all over in Black communitIes in the U.S.

    These racists really have it in for Blacks/POC''s. Just read on the Huffington Post where a Latino man was tasered to death by the LAPD( no surprise there). Now I guess the White man is trying to divert the attention away by bringing up a robbery that Michael supposedly was in ( which turned to be a lie) and now there is a guy in Utah( because he couldn't hear what they cop was telling him through his earphones)..though I'm not sure of his race..though he appears to look White/Latino/mixed. Though if he is White, while it's crazy what happened to the same time, it will never match to the mass executions of minorities that have been victimized by their evil. His chances of dying probably would have been far less than minorities. Not that I'm surprised by this,but it seems that soon as Obama became president, all this mess was going to happen..showing their disdain of us by murdering people.

    I hope that the Governor and others who planned this are proud of themselves and here is the thing with him. It took him a couple of day to say that Michael's character was being bastardized.. I mean 2-3 days?! man , c'mon!

    Far as the good people of Ferguson, though I don't prefer riots they had to do what to let people know that you're not going accept injustice any longer. Nobody isn't going to stand around and pretend that they won't react to a tragedy (other than racist perfectionist, of course.No race will riot except Black folks * sarcasm) It's human nature. Far as Gov. Nixon, he has done a grave injustice for not only the people of Ferguson but to the state of Missouri. It has gotten so bad that people have around the world have questioned our so called " Democracy"..if you want to call it that. He needs to be recalled or he just should resign. No one can be trusted, but as long as he's the Governor of Missouri, the people of that city will be in trouble.

  9. I have a question: what is it with this stock complaint about looters messing up "their own neighborhoods" and "their own businesses?" I mean, in most poor black neighborhoods I've been to, the people are largely renters, and the majority of the businesses are owned not by other black people, but by Arabs, Jews, Koreans and Chinese. So maybe a part of the problem is that looters and rioters don't feel they have a meaningful stake in where they live? Just a thought.

    1. These looters and rioters are not even FROM Ferguson. These are random idiots coming in to take advantage of the situation. They have no interest in the problems of this town or about this dead child. So no THEY have no stake what so ever. And yes a lot of stores are owned by other races. The actual residents have been trying to stop the merry band of idiots from looting to no avail. The clashes between the police/NG are because of these idiots and not the peaceful citizens.


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