Don't Kid Yourselves

 As with everything Ferguson, there are no easy answers. But at this juncture, it's pretty clear Obama's presence would be a very risky political move.

...As we wrote Monday, the issue is already proving to be racially and politically polarizing -- much like the Trayvon Martin case -- with African Americans and Democrats much more skeptical of the police and the investigation and much more likely to believe race was a factor in what happened. Whites and Republicans see the situation in a far, far different light.

So when a polarizing African American Democratic president shows up, it's pretty much unavoidable that it would be seen as a nod to the protesters and their cause
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Bar Patrons, I got words. Now, since I got quite a few, let me just do this in a list:

1 - Google "Law Enforcement Reform"

Google it now, and Google it just like that, in quotes.

*nods* I know.

2 - Don't fall for the Race Derail

In this instance, "Race Derail" refers to how law enforcement specifically targets people of color. They do so because in a racist police state like America, they are usually able to murder and harass us with impunity. In short, POC make the best targets for police harassment because this society doesn't protect us the way it does white people.

But don't kid yourselves. The minute law enforcement can find a way over that particular hurdle, the civilian death rate will go up astronomically.

In essence, the Race Derail allows law enforcement to racialize POC's response to their abuse, assuring the white citizenry that POC are liars, violent animals, and natural-born criminals deserving of such treatment, and that law enforcement would never, ever, ever react to white civilians the same way.

3 - Don't fall for the Rioters/Looters Derail

Debating whether or not rioting is an acceptable form of self-expression is in and of itself a derail.  I say this because, as BrothaWolf so aptly points out, rioting never seems to be a problem when white people do it.  By focusing on the looters and rioters in Ferguson, the conversation sanctimoniously deviates from what started it all, and no...that's not Mike Brown.  Mike Brown - may he rest in peace - was the last straw that broke Ferguson's back.  Over the past several days, we've learned an awful lot about the history and sociology of not just Ferguson, but St. Louis and Missouri overall.  This display of civil unrest was a long, long time in the making, and while white folks may be shocked and/or appalled, POC had long realized that 1 + 1 was gonna equal 2 sooner or later.  It's always just a matter of time.

4 - Don't kid yourselves

America needs to let go of the fantasy where POC take bullets lying down, and our only response to tyranny is candlelight vigils and Negro spirituals.  Various armed rioters have been quoted flat-out stating that enough is enough; they are sick of being treated like this by the police and they're not gonna take it anymore.

Fashion Tip from Moi

The focus of the conversation now should be 1) what justice will Mike Brown's family receive, 2) how soon can they expect it, and 3) what will this country do to eliminate the abuses of law enforcement - period.  Everything else is just runaround intended to maintain - or worsen - the status quo.


  1. The world is looking at us and whether they may/may not be hypocritical of their own countries policies .one thing they all know is that we cannot talk about they're neck of the woods. We certainly can't.

    When I was reading some of Brotha's stuff, it had me to think about they hypocrisy of some Whites. I was reading where the KKK is suppose ( yeah right!) to go to Ferguson and they are raising money for Darren Wilson( See, we always knew that the Ferguson Police Department was ran by them). Hey, they smeared Michael,but they didn't do such a bad job smearing themselves .

    Funny how White folks call us "animals". Brotha mentioned examples of such people that should have some racist Whites.." got what they deserved , well where was these same hypocrites when these following guys committed their violent acts:
    1) Justin Ross: Let his poor son bake in his car, lying all along.
    2) Geddy Kramer- The young man who shot his co workers at a Kennesaw Ga Fed Ex
    3) Anybody remember Antoinette Tuff, the lady who saved those kids from a shooting
    madman at her school. He was White.
    4) Who can forget Elliot Rodgers, killing people because Mr. Woe is me couldn't get
    a woman. Please!

    The thing that trips me out about Justin was how people didn't come out and automatically assumed anything of him( except maybe the police). People felt bad for him ..even raising money for him and his family. Even when the cracks was cracking with his story , people had faith in this joker based on wishful thinking..even went as far to raise money for him. Now that he's been charged with his son's murder( sad..just sad all the way)..very few people want to help him. I guess god didn't like ugly, now some of those folks may not can't get their money back.

    People also felt bad for Elliott in spite of what he did. He didn't have a ...freaking..what?! there are millions of men who aren't married , have no girlfriends, and are frustrated about not being in one,but they don't go around taking the lives of other people,nor do all mentally go out and do what he did. I just got sick of some of the excuses for him. Yet Michael shot six times and he's the bad guy?

    I was just looking at the 1999 G8 summit in Seattle ( YT clip called " Battle Of Seattle). Now with this it's a good/bad thing about it.I say good because these guys were protesting for a good cause. Ironically, a couple of protesters were discussing about poverty and greed( one middle age man talked about how low income housing was swapped for a Starbucks coffee house) . It was bad enough, even their former mayor ( I think) though it was extreme and was against it

    .My complaint I have is not with the protesters ,but with the police. Mind you they..too had a riot. It was bad,but it was semi controlled. Even one guy went as far as to tell the cops "F" you but he wasn't killed, It was far from the wrath of Ferguson.

    ..and we're supposed to be the " animals?"

    1. Leo Princess8/21/14, 11:03 PM

      3) Anybody remember Antoinette Tuff, the lady who saved those kids from a shooting
      madman at her school. He was White.

      And I remember that his brother was upset with HER. She stopped his murderous brother from massacring children; the LEAST he should have done was kissed her feet.

    2. @ Leo Princess,

      The fact that he was upset with her and not his brother for damn near massacring innocent (black) children should not be a surprise to you. Though I'm sure some people called him out for his fucked up stance.

  2. This is when social media starts to work, especially when it come down to the looters that are white coming from other parts of town or these white anarchy groups among the crowds starting stuff. The revolution will be televised through social media. We all know that mainstream media won't report what's truly going on because they have an agenda.

    This also made me go back to Christopher Dorner's Manifesto, and to read it again.

    1. The revolution will be televised through social media.

      Thank you. A revision of that slogan's been long overdue. The revolution will most assuredly be televised and immortalized. People will be talking about Ferguson for a long, long time - it's been over 20 years since the LA Riots, and no one's forgotten about those! And we didn't have social media back then.

    2. I wouldn't be surprised if social media sites will become a target of censorship. Now that media knows that the real news is coming from YT, Instagram and other forms of social media, I will guarantee that they will try someway to block them,but somehow, people will always on top of their game.

    3. Leo Princess8/21/14, 11:04 PM

      @M - I suspect that is the main yet unmentioned reason for wanting to do away with net neutrality.

  3. The racial part of this message is important because Blacks are getting the brunt of it, but I do agree the police if here for those with money, which is why whites were shocked when they were getting a good ole American beating during the Occupy Movement. White people, a lot of people, don't care about injustice until its them. I want to know why they are armed as though they are in a war, this war on terrorism is suspect, but there is a war going on against American people. That police department no matter how many spins they try to do, will pay.

    1. I do agree the police if here for those with money, which is why whites were shocked when they were getting a good ole American beating during the Occupy Movement. White people, a lot of people, don't care about injustice until its them.

      And then they have amnesia when it does.

  4. Leo Princess:
    "@M - I suspect that is the main yet unmentioned reason for wanting to do away with net neutrality."

    Ding ding ding! We have a winner!
    I've been keeping track on Tumblr as I'm not big on Twitter, and when I posted about what was happeneing in Ferguson from last week on FB there were crickets...till a few days later when likes on my posts and people other than my fellow Tumblrites started picking it up.
    They were trying so hard to stifle the human rights abuses and the shady shit the cops were pulling armed to the hilt like they are going to war.
    They are coming for the Internet to shut shit down and stop people organising!!

    1. Imagine the riots that will trigger.

  5. Law enforcement reform needs to be the platform of our next President. We also need to abolish the term "suspect", because there's an implied justification in the event anything happens to said suspect.

    We need to use the term civilian. And whenever an unarmed, defenseless civilian dies as direct result of police interaction, it should be an automatic charge for the officer who fired - no exceptions.


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