Deja Vu in Missouri


Um...If This is How You Handle Civil Unrest, Just Give Up Now

August, 2011, "United" Kingdom

LONDON -- As political and social protests grip the Middle East, are growing in Europe and a riot exploded in north London this weekend, here's a sad truth, expressed by a Londoner when asked by a television reporter: Is rioting the correct way to express your discontent?

"Yes," said the young man. "You wouldn't be talking to me now if we didn't riot, would you?"

The TV reporter from Britain's ITV had no response. So the young man pressed his advantage. "Two months ago we marched to Scotland Yard, more than 2,000 of us, all blacks, and it was peaceful and calm and you know what? Not a word in the press. Last night a bit of rioting and looting and look around you."

August, 2014, "United" Kingdom
Relatives and supporters of Mark Duggan are to march in his memory on the anniversary of the police shooting which sparked the London riots of 2011.

Organisers invited the public to attend the event in Tottenham Hale, where Duggan was killed by a Metropolitan Police firearms officer.

A march will take place to the spot where Duggan died, with the justice4mark campaign, insisting it would be a peaceful demonstration.

Relatives of other people shot dead by police, or who died in custody, are expected to attend the vigil as well.

Spokeswoman Hannah Dee said the focus was not the riots which followed Duggan's death, but on getting to the true of what happened.

She told IBTimes UK: "There's a feeling that the police have a license to kill and people wonder how long before they kill again.

"So many times when someone dies at the hands of police there is not justice. The experience of families is that there are many obstacles confronting them.

"We want to make sure Mark Duggan is not forgotten and nor are the other families affected by police violence forgotten."
August, 2014 "United" States
The St. Louis Post-Dispatch editorial board wrote, “Michael Brown didn’t get due process.” It’s worse than that. Michael Brown was robbed of his humanity. His future was stolen. His parent’s pride was crushed. His friends’ hearts were broken. His nation’s contempt for black youth has been exposed. A whole generation of young black people are once again confronted with the reality that they are not safe. Black America is left searching for that ever-elusive sense of justice. But what is justice?

Justice for Renisha would have looked like Michael Brown being able to attend college. Justice for Trayvon would have looked like Renisha McBride getting the help she needed the night of her accident. Justice for Oscar Grant would have looked like Trayvon Martin making it home to finish watching the NBA All-Star game, Skittles and iced tea in tow. And so on, and so on. Justice should be the affirmation of our existence.

In the absence of such justice, we take to the streets. We protest, we hold vigils and, yes, we riot. What options are left? Rioting/looting (what some would call rebellion) may not provide answers or justice. But what to do with the anger in the meantime? We are told to stay calm, but calm has not delivered justice either. Do we wait for the FBI to investigate? I guess, but what to do in the meantime, as the images coming from Ferguson echo Watts in 1965? We’re told not to tear up our own communities, when time and time again we’re reminded that they don’t belong to us. Deaths like Michael Brown’s tell us we don’t belong here. What, then?


  1. " You wouldn't be talking to me now if there wasn't a riot, wouldn't you ?"

    Amen to that brother!

    Just like I just mentioned not long ago, riots and/or human rights abuses are all over the world as Darcus just mentioned. The only difference between them and the Divided States of America( It's definitely is such a country) is that most times non-Americans...whether justified or unjustified are fighting in defense of their people. Unless it minorities, religious groups or gays ( human /civil rights) we fight for mentioned. Most times,,.it's for something juvenile like a sports game ..or just for absolutely nothing.

    " In the absence of such justice, we take to the streets. We protest, we hold vigils and yes, we riot"

    Love that honesty. I just hate it when racists perfectionists try to tell them how Black folks should " act". Did these same people tell those kids from Spring break how to act when some of the folks go out raping, drugging and assaulting others, when they go out and kill innocent Black men/women like animals, when some of them go out and shoot innocent people in their schools and/or workplaces or as I have mentioned when they lose/win sporting events? I don't see these same perfectionists tell White people how to act. The hypocrisy..the stench of it is sooo incredible!

    1. Right on, M. I said on my article about this, "Being an actual “problem” is the only way you would get to be heard when nothing else works. Period!" No one would've cared about what was going on unless noise was made and property was destroyed. Yet, people defend police action. In the end, they care more about the value of property than the value of lives.

    2. Thanks Brotha,I just had to get that off my chest.

      As long as the victims are minorities, they don't care. They defend it because they know that half of these people are on many of these forces and on their side. The racists don't care if were injured/killed. Far as they're concerned, its one less "N" in this world and they'll celebrate it with glee.

  2. The Secret Ninja8/14/14, 4:38 PM

    thank you for posting this realness.

  3. After the stunt Ferguson PD pulled Friday, a part of me hopes the city burns to the ground. Releasing the officer's name while bringing up the robbery was a dick move. And they did it on a Friday, when the blogosphere has low writing and readership.

    And stop telling us these assholes are "devastated." Darren Wilson was devastated over Michael Brown? The way Michael Dunn was devastated over killing Jordan Davis? The way George Zimmerman was devastated over killing Trayvon?

    Here's what devastation looks like: you kill someone, you feel bad, you confess to it publicly, turn yourself in, and serve your time. You do all of that promptly. You don't drag your heels and then try to use every possible maneuver to worm your way out of punishment.

    Once again, black people are being blamed for the fires of Ferguson, but a white man lit the flame and then fiddled while the town burned. Darren Wilson could've come forward on his own, immediately, and submitted himself to justice. Instead, he sat back quietly as Ferguson erupted in flames and the police department covered for him. And when his name was released, he let the police department use that lowdown, dirty tactic to make himself appear better to racist white trolls.

  4. Yes ma'am!. He's not sorry about killing Brown. He's the great pretender . If the crisis continues, St.Louis/Ferguson won't be on the map.

    Also, it looks like the U.S.A may have gotten an a honor that they deserve to have: possible human rights abuses.Amnesty International Calls For An Investigation Of Ferguson Police Tactics ( August 17th. In Huffington ).Couldn't have happened to a " better " country.


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