Open Mic Night: RIP Eric Garner

Say what you want, Bar Patrons.


  1. another bites the dust. living in the USA!!

  2. Two clips from Richard Pryor come to mind:

    Richard Pryor "Niggers Vs. Police"
    Richard Pryor: Police will Choke a Nigga to Death

    Although these routines were performed back in the early seventies they’re a treasure trove of wisdom. When it comes to the attitudes of law enforcement with respect to black men (fueled by white apathy) no one seems better qualified to give insight than Richard Pryor. I am not making light of this situation by posting the musings of a long-dead comedian, but rather- my aim is to illustrate how acquainted we are with grief. People of color have suffered maltreatment for ages, problem is we’re unable to convince whites of this irrefutable truth no matter the evidence.

    The Black person’s brutalization by white officers predates the Voting Rights Act. As long as privilege shields white people from the daily indignity suffered by people of color this dehumanization will continue (with their blessings). As Richard says in his routine, "they’re simply doing their jobs," (to keep whites safe no doubt). As a father I dread deep, deep down in my gut for my son every time he gets in his car and heads for the open road. To law enforcement he’s not a human being worthy of respect with rights and virtues, he’s a suspect- a menace to society, a potential crime waiting to happen. Conversely, he’s a good man, polite and considerate, always ready to volunteer a “yes sir” or “yes ma'am,” when addressed by an elder. But I fear that one routine stop by an overzealous white man with a badge that can go terribly terribly wrong, even when my child does all that is asked of him during the encounter. For this reason, we should grieve for Eric Garner as if he were our own child, for one day it very well could be.

    1. @M.Gibson: Exactly I thought about that same Richard Pryor monologue from his comedy album all those many years ago. And everything he said back then is as true today as it was back then and even more so.

  3. My condolences to Mr.Garners family.

    I've also read where they also did this to another guy but I think he's alive. I know this has been said before but Ill say it again..the US has no right to criticize another country about their human rights abuse record when were doing the same thing.It's ashame.

    You go out the door and you wonder who will rob you..a rogue or the police?
    It's sad to say but the police is worse.I pray that the good Lord protect me from cops like the ones that killed Eric.Who needs criminals when tiu got rogue cops fo harm you?

  4. Some more bullshit from the NYPD and I'm not surprised. I'm just waiting for the reports on Eric Garner being a thug or how he was dealing drugs, or has a history of domestic violence, or owed back child support, anything they find with a fine tooth comb for their usual "He's no victim" therefore "it was justified" " spiel.

    As long a the white mind, voice, and sensibilities are the mind, voice, and sensibilities of the criminal justice system things like this will continue to happen to black people and other minorities that's including men, women, and children. It's going to take some upper or middle class white boy, think Justin Beiber-esque or white girl (blonde haired blue eyes of course ) to be killed or brutalized by the police for this to finally become an issue worthy of putting on the books, just as all these white mass shooters have "us" talking about the failings of the mental health system or Andrea Yates and post pardon depression, or how those military ( white) soldiers that went home and killed their wives made us take PTSD seriously, the white seal of approval.

  5. I think I speak for everyone when I say two things:

    1. Rest in Peace, Mr. Garner

    2. Fuck the police!

  6. Mr. Garner was savagely beaten because he was a poor black man. This is who they attack poor people of color. They would never beat a white upper middle class suburbanite like that.

  7. I'm sure some of you saw, or at least heard, about this video that Spike Lee put together.

    When it comes to this type of ish, ain't a damn thing changed but the weather.

  8. sorry this family man was killed, cops do more dirt than the so called criminals

  9. The NYPD strikes again:


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