Mother of George (2013)

(h/t Jules)'s a Michonne..and she ain't mean-muggin'.


  1. Ohh my she looks so beautiful in her Gele. I'm temped to render her. Moved by how their love-making was drenched in luminescent cobalt. Her features, her Sheba-esque skin-tone are of pure delight.

  2. Leo Princess7/30/14, 1:27 PM

    I was pissed at the local (and only) cinema chain for not carrying this film, yet everything Hollywood excretes after a drunken night gets air dates. >_<

  3. The film looks interesting.
    According to wikipedia though, the couple are Nigerian, so I don't quite get why the video above features traditional music from Djeli Moussa Diawara (Mandingo music, from Guinea)...which I love btw.

    It's not that important, but I wish I could have heard traditional Nigerian music.
    It makes me feel like African countries (and their various culture(s) especially) are interchangeable, and I think it's a shame.

    (Rant over)

  4. Honey...if you go to any Nigerian party and you'll hear music from all over Western and some Central Africa. Had this been a comedy, I wouldn't have been even remotely surprised to hear Magic System's "1er Gaou" running all the way through. For those not aware, they're from Senegal.


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