#RIP Satao

(h/t Jules Nguyen and Harpreet Sandhu)

Satao and his family
Satao, one of Kenya’s largest elephants, has died after being shot by poachers using poisoned arrows.

Satao was one of the last surviving ‘great tuskers’, elephants with tusks so large they reach down to the ground.

He had been living in the Tsavo East National Park in northern Kenya but had become a target for poachers, who were using GPS and mobile phones to track him.

For 18 months, the Kenyan Wildlife Service joined forces with the Tsavo Trust to monitor Satao’s movements using aerial reconnaissance and ground personnel within his known home range.

Despite this, poachers were still able to reach him and in March, the 50-year-old elephant was shot by poachers using poisoned arrows. Vets rushed to the scene to treat him and he went on to make a surprise recovery.

But in May, an elephant carcass was discovered by June Richard Moller, Executive Director of the Trust, and on Friday the Trust confirmed it was Satao, who had been killed by a poisoned arrow.

In a statement, the Trust paid tribute to “the most iconic and well-loved tuskers” and mourned “a great life lost so that someone far away can have a trinket on their mantelpiece”.

It is 4 am and I have been sitting at my computer for hours. I just can’t sleep after hearing the terrible news that Satao, the world’s biggest elephant, is dead.

...I first learned about Satao through an emotional and beautifully written blog post by Mark Deeble, who described him as being so intelligent that he knew he needed to protect his enormous tusks by intentionally hiding in bushes so they couldn’t be seen.
Lesson the first, ladies and gentlemen of the Bar: when an elephant knows to hide its tusks from humans, then that's when we know we've reached a level far beyond despicable.

This elephant pictured here is not Satao, but as I was saying on the Blasian Narrative Facebook, this is the handiwork of a demon.  This is a classic example of why only humans go to hell.  In fact, I sincerely believe the gods specially built "hell" just for humans.

Human interaction with animals overall leaves much to be desired, from every cow, chicken, and bison to every elephant, leopard, and tiger.  If our species takes pride in slaughtering one another, that's our business.  But our greed, and our sociopathic disregard for life and the overall well-being of the living, must not spill out to the rest of the planet.  Hubris and selfishness have allowed us to forget we are guests in someone else's home.

We may be indigenous to this planet, but we do not own her nor her countless wonders.

The Bar humbly pours a sip for this great child of the gods.


  1. I could imagine being those elephants.. wondering how long you have to live before those sickos come to kill you ? It is really sad when they curl up in fear knowing that they are about to die,just like Satao.

    I also find some contradiction with this in terms of animal rights. If elephants were being done the same.. being killed like Satao.. in the states, you will not hear the end of it..PETA will be on top of it with people going to prison because of it. I don't know about other parts of the world, but if the poachers come from the states doing this, just like people like Mike Vick who had to pay for what he did with dogs, they should also be held in contempt to what they're doing to these elephants.

  2. We also need to catch the people who want the ivory. If there wasn't a market the poachers wouldn't have a job.

  3. I can't handle that photo. May those assholes rot in the worst, deepest levels of hell.

    1. Harpreet Sandhu, who posted the picture on Facebook, insists that poachers need the death penalty, rather than serving 20 years.

  4. Looking at the picture hurts me. I read about this but I didn't see that photo...Ugh!

  5. Leo Princess6/15/14, 2:59 PM

    For years, I've been saying that humans were long overdue for a great reckoning. Long overdue.

    Both the poachers and the purchasers need to roast.

  6. Elephants are majestic creatures. They deserve a lot more than getting killed and used for meaningless products for show.

  7. Betta Markovic1/20/17, 5:28 AM

    Heartbreaking. Fuck humans.


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