Netflix, if this is true, I have some needs and requirements

We've been talking guns, misogyny, guns, white supremacy, guns, and sociopathy for quite a bit now.  Let's switch to something a little light-hearted for a moment, shall we?

There's chatter on the webs (and a part of me knows it's nothing more than chatter to get the nerds going) that Netflix may produce a new Star Trek series.  I obtained this piece of intel from Trek-watching partner who told me in no uncertain terms to get my "ass on a plane back to WV" while she stocked up on "vodka and eclairs."  *nods*  My woman knows me.

Now...if there is any truth to this rumor, then y'all can consider this post an open letter to Netflix about some demands which will need to be met.

#1 - No young'uns on the bridge, please.

I don't want a young Captain.  I don't want a young First Officer.  I don't want a young Chief Engineer.  I don't want a young Chief Medical Officer, and I certainly don't want any young people at Tactical.

I get it, thin is in along with youth - whatever. (*yawn*)  Star Trek's appeal - before it went downhill - was its mature, cerebral approach to television.  Ergo, I think it needs to be declared here and now that whoever the new Captain is, they can't be any younger than forty...and that's pushing it by a few a years.

The First Officer can be - at their youngest, thirty-eight.  But to be honest, I'd much rather have a Captain in her fifties and a First Officer in her forties (see what I just did there)?

#2 - No body builders on the bridge either.

Remember how LeVar Burton and Brent Spiner had lithe, flat muscles?  How about Deanna Troi's thick waist?  How much easier it was to take Jonathan Frakes seriously once he gained twenty pounds and grew a beard?  Or how Michael Dorn played a Klingon warrior - quite convincingly - without resorting to becoming some muscle-bound neanderthal?

We don't even need to be seeing shirtless sweaty characters in the first place.  Trek is supposed to be a family-friendly franchise for nerds.  We have fanfiction for all that other ish.

And on that note....

#3 - Only actors need apply.

Get some seasoned thespians with a extensive stage history.  I don't mean they've done two, maybe three plays over the past ten to fifteen years.  Audra McDonald is forty-three years old and just won a record-breaking sixth Tony - let someone like that command a ship.  Neil Patrick Harris is forty and every time I see him on YouTube - when I'm not even searching for him - he's in some sort of stage production.  Let that guy onto the bridge.

In fact, since Shakespeare was an integral part of Star Trek for years, let all actors audition by doing their best interpretation of a Shakespearean piece.  Get Patrick Stewart to judge that ish.  Bring along Professors Avery Brooks and Gates McFadden for good measure.  In fact, drag Kate Mulgrew off the set of Orange is the New Black; she's appeared on the stage a zillion times since 1975 and she's an Obie winner.  She'd make an excellent judge.

#4 - Take this seriously.

The Eldest Sis and I were recently discussing how the good sci-fi, the real sci-fi, gets no mainstream love these days.  Sci-fi, somewhere along the line, became synonymous with constant weapons fire, ships exploding in space, scantily clad women, and muscle-bound men.  No, thank you.

As Abrams learned, and as the writers behind Enterprise learned before him, the hype of Trek will only get you so far.  It will get the butts into the seats the first time.  After that, the Trekkies - not the nuTrekkers, but them old-school, die-hard Trekkies/Trekkers like Moi - will start ripping your work apart.  And while the new movies can get away with hype, a TV show cannot.  Not with all the Trekkies like Moi blogging and commenting and nitpicking - literally - every single episode, week after week.

Star Trek, ironically, is a lot like Shakespeare.  It's not something taken on lightly.  It's a franchise that broke a lot of boundaries, sparked a lot of discussions, and 2016 will mark its 50th anniversary; that's a serious legacy to live up to.  And while original fans of the original series may be getting up there in age and heading home, those of us who grew up in the Age of TNG, DS9, and Voyager still have many, many miles to go.

In other words, you're stuck with us, so don't fuck with us.

In fact, consider yourselves on notice for the first three seasons.  After a probationary hearing, we will then re-evaluate.

#5 - Whitewash this and it'll be your ass.

*blinks*  That is all.


  1. ok this is going to take awhile.

    Ok, one thing that I would love to see in the new Star Trek serial is the aftermath of the Dominion War. i would love to see how did Federation and the other powers fared in the post war. (please don't refer to the novels oh for the love of McCoy).
    Also of the type of story, I know DS9 was the Dark Knight of the franchise, it set that bar. now it don't need to be higher or lower, but something different.
    Then the actors, not Mie you might disagree with me but i do like young actors, not so they can be relatable, but sometime it can work if they are used properly. Like don't pull a Wesley Crusher or an Speaking of whom, since my mum have been watching alot of Netflix and me looking at my usual, I've seen some good actors. On a personal note, I would love to see the new show in an anime something like Ghost in the shell, Patlabor, Jin-Roh fashion. Like not kiddie or over the top, just realistic.

    Also if they are going with the Post-Dominion War story, i would suggest watching and reading the following:
    Ghost In The Shell (Movies and Stand Alone Complex)
    Patlabor 2
    A Playthrough of Metal Gear Solid 1,2,3,4, and Peace Walker
    Cowboy Bebop
    Foyle's War
    Yakuza games
    Outrage (Takeshi Kitano Film)

    Also Tie up the lose end with Section 31, I didn't like the fact that they were the villains in Into the Darkness. It would be cool if they was the good guys who got things done no matter the cost.

    Ok. (passes out)
    sidenote, please make the fights realistic.
    To Mie: i would love to do a Dreamcasting and post here or the Narrative. Like I can see the casting of a new show.

    1. Ooh I like the idea of dream casting. I'd love to keep john cho as Zulu


    2. *Sulu


  2. I agree with all of this!

  3. Yes I watched all the clips. Now I have to resubscribe to Netflix.

    1. Honey...Trek is why I KEPT my subscription this whole time. And now that I ain't gotta rent DVDs anymore....

  4. I want the Trek franchise to get back into stories that are food for the brain, and not candy for the mind. I don't mind an explosion here and there, especially when it comes to dog fights in space. But, I miss stories that challenge our mindset.

    Too much TV is in a race for the next biggest reality TV show which doesn't really require a lot of thinking to make, much less star in. I don't mind some shows, but the Weather Channel is becoming more like MTV, more reality TV than what the channel was all about. It has a few good ones, but still...

    But I'm off base here. What I want is a return to the trek of the old days. Even if they do cast youth as the main characters, make the story mature. (Not Adult Swim's definition of mature) Discuss topics that not only affect young people but issues that make all of us think. And do so in a creative way. Discuss race, sex, culture, religion, etc. Don't just be about appearances.

    1. this is why Liked Deep Space Nine and listed what I listed because like you said. It should be brain food. not junk. Like take for an example Patlabor 2, although it was a mecha movie, the robots was in the background. Which Star Trek could be like that.

  5. Mie, you've been quiet. I want here what else you think.

    1. I'm sorry, boo. Crazy week culminating in the craziest day...let me marinate.

    2. Okay, Javan...I'm all yours.

      1) I don't want a young crew because they can't bring the gravitas and years of experience of a Starfleet Captain. In TOS - and by extension the new movies - Starfleet was young and inexperienced, so a young, inexperienced crew works somewhat in that light; they mirror each other.

      But if you want to unleash Trek in its full, cerebral Shakespearean glory, you need veterans, veterans with gray in their hair, lines in their faces, depth and maturity in their eyes. With age comes wisdom, a fact that is a great beauty of our existence (when we actually accept it).

      2) You can dreamcast, but then you'd also have to come up with a new concept. If Netflix is smart - and they've repeatedly proven they are - they won't reboot a prior series, they will present an all-new story within the original timeline.

    3. the idea is not everyone is going to be young save for some of the characters. (IE crewmen, ensign and other characters). Star Trek Dont have to be at Shakespeare glory, it can be different if done right. But it needs to have soul, like what made Deep Space Nine stand out was that the characters and the actors was diverse and you didn't see a futuristic captain or an alien, you saw people acting in something out of their norm but yet adapting. But it depends on the story. Which brings me too

      The ideal concepts if they are going for the original Timeline. Personally I love the original timeline.
      Concept 1: Aftermath of the War. It would be interesting to what happen to Starfleet after the Dominion War. Like you have a crew who goes around the alpha and beta quadrant helping planet recover and stumbles on a conflict involving corruption, scandal within the Three powers in the Galaxy. The Story Follows an officer named Lt. Commander Phillipa Chase, after coming back Starfleet after year of absence. She is aboard a Starship USS Eclipse (Akira Class). In her First assignment back she meets various fellow crewmen who are affected by the war. some with personal issues and demons. On a mission, the Eclipse receive a distress signal from the USS Waterloo deep in Breen space. Question arise, as they discover a skeleton crew, comatose Commander Kaneda Otomo and a mysterious black box program.

      Concept 2:
      Continue the adventures with some of the characters, but just in animation. Like I mean they pulled it off with DC animated universe and alot of anime. I don't see why not. with animation you have to find, good animators and voices. I much prefer the animation, it would bring to live much of the characters and the settings without worrying about the sets or props.

  6. Yes.a black uhura‚ an Asian sulu and a native a American khan is a must.
    None of that white washing crap they did in the movie.



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