Open Mic Night: Samuel L. Jackson in "Captain America: The Winter Soldier"

I saw this with a friend this weekend (she was seeing it for the second time, and considering her taste, that sold me).  Samuel L. Jackson straight-up for me.  I felt he had the best scenes and definitely the best lines.

The following clips don't do him justice.

In my humble opinion, I don't think (at this point) we need a Nick Fury movie (or a Black Widow movie* either for that matter) because Fury is a "flavor" character: he's a hard-nose mentor, a leader, a sensei - whatever. He's the guy who knows (almost) everything and there's little to develop at this point.

Now...if Marvel wants to do a flashback movie starring Leonard Roberts as a younger Nick Fury, I'm all game.

Fine, fine, fine...Captain America and Falcon had their moments too.

Shrunk for quality reasons....sooooooo much better on the big screen.

*Same for a Black Widow us when she was evil if you have to do a film about her.

By the way...I saw the trailer for this and laughed my ass off:

Zoe Saldana returns, y'all.  Thoughts?

And by the way, my inner Goth from 1999 is telling me I have to go see this next film even though I've loooooong been over Angelina Jolie (I would've gone with Fairuza Balk..  'Course...Iman or Grace Jones would've nailed this as well, but that's another discussion for Dark & Twisty another day).  That being said, due to her Maleficent-ness and the outfit, I'm gonna have to see this simply on principle:


  1. Love that guy. It seems like in every movie he plays, he's going to let a little piece of himself out. I just love his acting. Samuel just seems so real with it.

    1. There's a part in the movie where he goes on about his trust issues and it's simply too friggin' funny.

  2. Yeah, there's a reason this guy is in everything. Captain America EXEMPLIFIES that reason.

    My favorite part? (SPOILER WARNING!) The scene where he reveals that he's outsmarted HYDRA by programming the retinal scan for his bad eye into the system.


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