"Please, no negative comments; it's my life"

(h/t Shequeta Applebum)
Okay so I was looking at this online dating site and came across this one guys profile that seemed interesting until I got to the last paragraph. The first sentence...( well y'all seen my movie*). It's the last sentence that has me like WTF??? Wasn't the entire purpose of Jim Crow to reinforce his first sentence??

*She's referring to The Takeover, FYI.

The discussion which follows is great.  One brotha points out: "I remember back on Yahoo Personals when I lived in NYC, I saw this one profile from a sista that seemed perfect until the last three paragraphs where she explained the reasons why she didn't date Black men and that was because Black men didn't 'go to college or do anything positive' in life.

"To this day, I wish I had saved that profile or taken a picture. LOL


  1. There are some dimwitted in the "colorblind" society. I'm always amazed at what interracial dating/marriage means to them. Sometimes people like the ones discussed on Shequita Applebum FB submission just embarrasses me makes you ask is it really bad being Black?Judging by the people on it,they seem to think that no good Black people exist. For some people.. as a whor. Mixed dating isn't about biracial unity, its about escaping reality. Those are the guys I try to avoid.

    1. Oh my.. a typo meant to say "whole" not whore.

  2. *Sighs!*

    I remember back in my BlackPlanet days, I've read two profiles from two sistas. One was married to a white man. The other - I believe - was dating a white man. I didn't think much of it until I've read the reasons why.

    My mother told me about a girl she knew from church. She's about my age. She told me this girl wanted to go to the movies and bring a male friend with her, but she couldn't because "most or all of them are in jail." I don't remember which one it was. But it was a turn off.

    I know I've never been, nor will I ever end up in jail or prison, but hearing those words it like reading those racist troll comments. It's almost like expecting every black male, including me, to have a criminal record. Me not having was like the exception to the rule. I doubt me going with her to the movies would've changed her mind for even a little bit.

    Then again, I've never been one to date.

  3. Leo Princess3/12/14, 3:28 PM

    Folks, these people are doing us all a MAJOR favour by stating their preferences (conscious or conditioned, idgaf) up front. Much like that man in Florida with the KKK flag on his front lawn, we now know who to avoid like the plague.

    This is a blessing.

    1. It's also entertainment. The moment I read "we're no longer in the Jim Crow Era", I had to laugh aloud.

      He might as well have written: "I'm not an internalized racist, but I prefer light-skinned/white women."

    2. I just love when they statute their preferences.. with stereotypes and then contradict themselves with saying they're not racist... OMG!! If they knew how incredibly stupid they sound saying what they say.

      A man is a man to me..race has nothing to do with how good/bad they will turn out. I get so sick and tired of people thinking if they date a non Black Joe Blow that all of a sudden all will be well. I'm not opposed to mixed dating/marriage of any sort, but I'm opposed to people who just see it as a way to escape from life's problems. I mean, some of them can get brutal with their words.Sometimes, I get baffled because I've met some pretty good Black men who didn't fit this profile.

      The way some members downgrade Black folks being potential mates is baffling to me. If you read/listen to the way they describe us they have to always be ghetto, diseased with AIDS, uneducated, abusive and my favorite, they're in jail /prison.

      Some of them may be in these positions but come on (referring to the posters that criticized Black men/women) ,there are not a Black men who fit this category. Though I was raised in a White community, I'm very grateful that my folks would send me to met grandparents Black community because if they wouldn't have, my chances of seeing the worst in Black people would have probably increased.

      Really.. the way you see how these guys describe Black folks, you'll think that the good ones are people of the past and not all non Black guys are always great to brag about.No matter what they will have an excuse to make them look good and Black people look bad. My mind is open to any good man .The same expections I have in Black men,I would have in other races of man. No exceptions.

  4. I gave up on online dating because very few men were interested in black women and the men that did message me had a bunch of kids or were rude as hell, I had one Asian American message me "you down to fuck, if so reply"

    1. Ugh! That was a pathetically disgusting message. I'm surprised that the joker made it on the site. I guess some of them think that Black women are desperate that they'll accept scraps off the table and far as those losers,they are certainly that.


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