The Hip Hop Discussion Continues #blackpoweryellowperil light of Macklemore winning Best Rap Album and then tweeting his apologies to Kendrick Lamar, this video exploring white privilege in the hip hop community is worth a listen. Longtime community member El Guante is joined by The Big Cats, Rapper Hooks, and Chantz Erolin break down why Macklemore’s race isn’t the problem, but how defenses designed to ignore racism continue to harm the community. (Source)


  1. Macklemore did an interview in Rolling Stone magazine in where he mentions White privilege and how many White parents feel safe listening to him than let's ssy T.I.because its "safe"rap music thinking that they don't have to worry about the hard core lyrics that is often associated with hip hip.

    Now, I know this is pure racism. If you were a child of the 70s and early 90s,the same safe Maclemoorish music that some White parents want their kids to listen to sound just like this if not far better. Black, Latino and even some White old school rappers weren't vulgar or had no direction. They all had good beats, comprehensive rap and have strong messages behind them. I miss the Africaa Bumbataas, Newcleus ,Cypress Hills.... all good music that wasn't watered down like todays rap music is.

    I guess that is why I can't get into rap music anymore. If it isn't too vulgar and disrespectful, its too watered down. This is the kind of rap music that I can't stand. This should be a valuable lesson for those who want to cross over. They need to look before they leap.

    1. This is why I like underground hip hop - there's plenty of it, and it never gets any public love. You just gotta know where to dig.

      I intend to showcase a lot more underground rappers (of color) from hereon out, so y'all can keep expecting tons and tons of posts.

    2. I will check out the Underground rappers that you presented on your blogs, others and the old school ones. I would love to listen to rappers with substance.

  2. I've seen white people make this same "safe" argument about Eminem when his lyrics are full of misogyny, women beating, homophobia, and drug abuse.

  3. Has anyone else been listening to this track, like, a thousand times a day?


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