The Bar Loves Mongolian Hip Hop

Black people, take pride.  'Tis a marvelous thing thou hast created, for it hath impacted and inspired all of humankind.

I don't know what's going on in Mongolia but their hip hop scene has had my attention for a while. But I'm going to have to pay a hell of a lot more attention now that female emcees are entering the arena.  Like their male counterparts, they are passionate, defiant, and generally unpretentious.

When they have naturally low or deep voices, they use their damn voices. When they're thick, they're thick. When they're tomboys, they don't try to girly it up. And when they're on a budget, they don't give a damn.

And Miss Rapidfire right here....

See also "Bodit Amidral" by Secret Girls (embedding not allowed for this one).  Secrets Girls seem dated (could just budget issues), but if they are old, then they were very likely ahead of their time.

...#notyourasiansidekick indeed.

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