2014...Business as Usual

(h/t Tiff J)


  1. I don't usually blame the black actor/actress but whites aren't even trying to hide it anymore, they know exactly what they're doing. So what I'm mad are these black models/actresses so desperate for work they'll take anything. They're like the video ho*s of the 21st century. Money first, self respect never. I bet they don't even get paid that much. At least not as much as ol'girl on "the chair".

    P.s. I don't know if that's a grin on "the chair's" face but if it is that is really gross and pathetic.

    1. That's not a real person, it's a mannequin.

    2. With this piece of " furniture", I don't know what the point is and don't care because I know they're just going to scream "it's not racist/sexist, it's art". This time it's a mannequin, but I'm pretty sure next week it would be a real model so my above statements stay the same.

    3. @ Rose Z,

      I thought the EXACT same thing. Who in the hell would sacrifice their self-respect to contort their body for this bitch's pleasure? Then I discovered it is a mannequin. But like you said, I'm sure there are actual people who would sell themselves to do such things. I also found out that this "chair" has a White counterpart, but that still does not make is right.


  2. Oooh....I couldn't wait for this to be posted for on here for discussion. Diversity is really getting on this woman nerves on here so bad that she wanted to demonstrate her fanatasies of what she always wanted to do to Black people. What a despicable piece of art.

  3. Here they go again.

    We shouldn't be surprised. Racism is trendy. It always has been.

  4. Next time a white woman wonders why we don't stand with them in solidarity, they should look at this picture.

  5. Foul. Human trash. And whoever made that mannequin too. And the photographer. And the publishers.

  6. Ok so there are white woman chairs just like that one.

    Why then dint this heffa sit her skinny behind on one of those? Or just choose to be pictured sitting on a regular ass chair or SOMETHING??

    I know the article was an expose or profile of this artsy woman and her artsy doings so ok perhaps thats why she chose the "artsy" furniture. Or had it chosen for her and didn't say umm ok NO you won't photograph me on this!

    And the reason why I kept saying the world artsy so damn much is that YES indeed they - and she - are already splaining to to everyone how the chairs are art and whatever.

    Again. I ask why the choice of the human looking chair. The sexist chair. The racist chair. AT. ALL?
    Maybe go retro chic and sitcho azz down on one them red lips couches you wanna be so gosh darn ARTSY.


    God, I'm tired of this ish. TAHD.

  7. A guy by the name of Alexander Kargaltsev decided to do his version of the chair over on Huffington Post except the people are both real and the positions are swapped. NFSW!


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