With Love, from a "Fan"

I normally wouldn't entertain one this lame, but I couldn't stop laughing at what triggered it.

Remember that ancient post I did about (some) men and their "lines"?  This part set off a troll:
"Depressed" = lazy. I met a lot of "depressed" guys in college. They were too depressed to go to class. When school ended, they were too depressed to get a job. When they asked me out they were too depressed to pay for anything. They never had money for gas or bills, but they never failed to afford marijuana. These were the dudes starring in their own straight-to-DVD, stare-right-at-it-and-still-miss-it indie flicks (complete with the tacky emo rock soundtrack).
To which this genius replied:


  1. BlackPeopleSufferFromPTSD12/21/13, 7:11 PM

    LOL sounds like you hit a nerve!

  2. Someone's fee-fees got hurt! Poor thang.

  3. I have depression and even I know you are telling the truth about guys who abuse this metal illness to get away with being lazy. If they had real depression, that shit would be hard to say b/c of the stigma attached to it. Like I 'disappointed' this guy I was seeing b/c I didn't measure up to his standards when I told him I was clinically depressed. He didn't wanna hear it, so it pisses me off that these guys are using this illness like a blasé line to get out of treating someone with respect. My depression ruined my relationship with a lot of ppl, and I always struggle to get better.

    1. True. They like to talk about being "depressed", but when you bring up "mental illness", they get offended.

  4. You can tell when you're telling the truth because they have to get ugly with you. I guess that person don't realize that the insults isn't going to stop you from being honest. Some people just don't get it.

  5. Wow. Okay, so someone thought you wrote something tasteless...and their response was to call you stuff that has to be bleeped out even post-watershed?

    Pot, meet kettle.

    (And yeah, I've had attacks of depression-anxiety before. Not fun. I know perfectly well how one can feel like one will never be happy again, but that is still never an excuse to go calling names.)

  6. Leo Princess12/21/13, 11:04 PM

    Speaking as someone who was depressed to the point of meds, some people DO use 'depression' to excuse their laziness and it does actual sufferers (like me) a HUGE disservice. At my worst stage, I didn't want to do ANYTHING but sleep. Not even eat, shower, etc. I didn't care about my school work, my family, me - no one. I didn't want to be around people at all.

    So if they can ask a woman out with no intention of paying, that's not depression. That's being a leaching prick. Anon should be cussing their asses out, not yours.


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