The Bar Celebrates the Life of Nelson Mandela

Many years ago, Les Nubians wrote a song in honor of the great Cheikh Anta Diop. I believe the lyrics, in part, apply here:
Ne dites pas qu’il est mort car il demeure immortel...
Ne dites pas qu’il est mort car les ancêtres il a rejoins
Ne fondez pas en larmes car sur le grand trône désormais il siège
Le trône des pharaons des pharaons éternels...
Do not say he died, because he remains immortal...
Do not say he died, because he rejoined the ancestors
Do not melt into tears because the great throne now sits
The throne of the Pharaohs, Pharaohs eternal...


  1. Your legacy will always live on Bro. Mandela. Rest in peace.

  2. A civil rights icon gone too soon. My prayers goes out to this great man

  3. I like this picture.
    I see the elder and the youth, the legacy and the future… Continuity…
    Death is not an end when one lived such a meaningful life.

  4. Thank you for your insight, bravery, voice and presence! Without you, we in the African disapora wouldn't have such a visionary as part of our culture and legacy.

    Rest in Peace President Mandela ( an Icon that will always be Remembered)

  5. A legendary personality , a true icon for peace and humanity,, the person who lived his entire life for africa and specially who din't live his life with a greed for money is no more..... REST IN PEACE SIR,,,,, U HAVE OUR RESPECTS and we never going to FORGET YOU SIR......

  6. Fantastic picture!

    An inspiration and the spirit of Mandela will live on in the people... rejoined the ancestors... yes!


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