Firefly Reboot: Another Exercise in Dreamcasting

Why?  Because I have nerd tendencies, that's why.  And because I've been doing a rewatch which has inspired me.

Rick Yune as Captain Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds

Joss Whedon once bemoaned the absence of Asians on TV.  I can fix that.

Yune possesses a leading man, star-type quality - this goes without saying.  He could easily portray a conflicted, defiant Captain and ex-soldier.  He'd look good in leather, and he could channel Mal's dark sense of humor.  And Yune would bring some serious sexy to commanding a wayward crew and getting into bar fights.

Lyndie Greenwood as Zoe Washburne

Sleepy Hollow's already shown us Greenwood's ever ready to shoot first and ask questions later.  She could channel Zoe's tight-lipped, no-nonsense semi-stoicism, and she's already got Gina Torres-type curls.  I say...why the hell not?  And it would be interesting to see her opposite the man I've picked to be play her other half.

Tom Felton as Hoban "Wash" Washburne

Felton's hair has shown some light ginger tendencies, and I think he'd be more than capable of channeling Washburne's geekiness and lack of a filter (Firefly fans, remember Episode 2 where - during an interrogation - he kept going on and on about why he married Zoe?  Mm-hm).  The accent would be a marvelous bonus.

Jay Hernandez as Jayne Cobb

Hernandez could easily do roughneck and rugged; I can see him stockpiling guns in his bunk, arguing with Mal about ever-y-thing, and getting hammered in a bar or going haywire in a brothel.  I can see him fondly naming the aforementioned guns after women (remember Vera?) and I'd love to hear him invoke a little Southern drawl.

Leonard Roberts as Shepherd Derrial Book

Roberts is a trained martial artist and one of the most talented yet underused, underappreciated actors in Hollywood.  The role of a (faux?) monk/priest who knows all about military operations, government conspiracy, and run of the mill crime is right up his alley.  Not to mention, Roberts' dignified visage and baritone voice would go a loooong way for this character.

Yaya Dacosta as Inarra Serra

Dacosta evokes almost aristocratic class and refinement; she possesses an ethereal beauty and a model's grace.  The role of a Companion would be a breeze for her, not to mention the outfits would look absolutely stunning.

Tracy S. Lee as Kaywinnet Lee "Kaylee" Frye

Lee plays a ditzy, easily obsessed girl on Twisted, but I suspect she has far more talent.  Kaylee was originally supposed to be an Asian character anyway, so this brings us full circle.  Lee's current comedic tendencies (and lack of a filter) on Twisted suggest she could easily channel Kaylee's quirkiness and love of machines.

Avan Jogia as Dr. Simon Tam

In case Twisted doesn't work out for him (and there's a distinct possibility), I'd like to see Jogia embrace a Whedon-inspired role.  He could easily portray a young, gifted doctor who's way in over his head, running from the Alliance while trying to protect his sister.

Tiya Sircar as River Tam

For some reason, I'd like to see River as a Simon's half-sister this time, and a lot less crazy.  Mainly, I want to see Sircar be a bad-ass living weapon; The Vampire Diaries did her so wrong that I don't ever want to see her get taken out like that again.

Recurring Cast Members

Lucas Black as Badger

Instead of having the grungy criminal underlord have a Cockney-ish accent, let's get an actor from the country who can do a full-on, natural-born Southern drawl.  I think Black  would totally rock this role; I think he'd throw himself into the character and be an instant fan favorite.

Jurnee Smollett as Yolanda/Saffron/Bridget a.k.a. YoSaffBridge

Smollett has attacked her acting career with gusto, and I'd love to see her in a decent role, preferably as spy, seductress,and saboteur all rolled into one.  The rebellious role of the ex-Companion who deceived and then neutralized the whole crew of Serenity would allow her to accomplish this.

Questions?  Comments?  Dirty looks?


  1. How about "Simon Tam" from The Slants as "Simon Tam"?

  2. This is really good! I'd watch the hell out of this reboot.

  3. Expect a response dreamcast post from yours truly because you know I have to weigh in on this.

    1. I wouldn't expect anything less.

  4. My god! If these people were cast in a movie (I'm a serious sucker for Avan) I would get a ticket in a quick second.

  5. You had me at Rick Yune.

  6. I love the cast! I can see everyone in those roles, but you know it'd be cancelled real quick. Only one white person and he's married to a black woman? Not happening.

    1. but you know it'd be cancelled real quick know it wouldn't even get picked up!


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