At the Bar with Tia Ferrera

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My coming across the beautiful siren Tia Ferrera had to do with the wonderful "ripples" of the blogosphere; once I found out about her, I just had to get to know her. It was a delightful opportunity to complete this interview.

Miss Ferrera, I found about you when SDM reached out to the Blasian Narrative (probably to talk to Robert) about a collaboration you two did. For those who may not be familiar with your work, tell us a few things about you.

Thank you so much for this opportunity, Ankhesen!!! My name is Tia; I'm a Pop/R&B artist from Northern California. Ever since I was little I've wanted to be a singer and a few years ago I took a leap of faith and decided to put my all into obtaining my dream. I walked away from a very successful career, nice car, big house, etc. to move to LA and pursue music.

You walked away from whaaaat???

These last few years have been the hardest I've ever worked, but I wouldn't have it any other way! I've been blessed with supporters and people who believe in me, and it keeps me pushing every day. Excited to say I'm currently working on my solo project that will be released early next year!!!

The track in question, “Kept My Head Up”, is amazing. I’ve watched the video dozens of times and I noticed you and your wonderful voice right away. How did you get involved? How much writing/composition did you get to contribute?

Thank you so much! SDM is like family; we've collabed on a few songs. "Kept My Head Up" was just special from the first verse he said to me. We wrote the hook in a few minutes really just about the different struggles we were both goin' through at the time hopin' people could relate. I'm glad it's got such a good response.

I’ve done my research and I’ve seen whom all you’ve been compared to, but I have to know: who influences and inspires your style? I ask because the moment I heard you on the hook, I was catapulted back to the 1990s, when music was still good.

Thank you!  Yes, I'm definitely influenced by the 90s!!! Faith Evans, Mariah Carey, Aaliyah, and Brandy are my absolute faves from that time period!

What inspires you when you write music? What made you write “Keep it Movin’” and “Ladies’ Night”?

I get inspired by the most random things sometimes; a conversation, an argument, a break up....  Sometimes it's what I've experienced or even what I've seen someone else experience too. The concept for "Keep It Movin" came about from a convo; I was talking to one of my girls about this whole "wifey" thing and guys kind of using "I'm gonna marry you one day, girl" as a way to be with a girl but not be fully committed.  In the song Jasmine Nichol and I are like nah been there done that...Keep it Movin.... The twist is that there's actually a guy (artist Sixx) on the song giving his perspective as well, 'cause you know it's not always one-sided.

With "Ladies Night" I just wanted to make a song about how I think women feel sometimes.  There's pressure to be this or do that, be a perfect mom or wife, or look like this or that...I'm pretty much sayin forget all that!!!! It's my night I'm gonna do what I wanna do how I wanna do it tonight, LOL!!!

You are a stunning woman, by the way. What’s your secret?

Thank you so much!!!! I don't really have any.  You know, the right, exercise, blah blah.  LOL, everything in moderation. I have to have sweets, tho; I can't live without cake!!!! LOL!

So in your videos “Keep it Movin’” and “Ladies’ Night”, there’s a lot of choreographed dancing. Who choreographs for you? Are you formally trained?

Yes, I work with Talissa James; she's the choreographer behind both "Ladies' Night" and "Keep it Movin'". I did take dance classes when I was little, but this level?  No, not until I met Talissa; she really pushed me.

What’s a Day in the Life of Tia like?

Right now, I'm working on my project so I start my day with some sort of excercise and then my vocal warm ups for the last few weeks I've been in the studio 'til the late, late hours, and then try and get some sleep and do it all over again.

As mentioned earlier, the SDM collaboration was outstanding. Are you working with anyone else these days?

I've collabed with different indie artists that are up & coming: Raven Sorvino, JasMine Nichol, The Free Agents and some others, but my focus lately has been on my solo project.

What can you tell us about the solo project?

I can definetly say its a whole new sound and feel to the music... I dug a lot deeper, I wanted to express everything!!! I def think people will have alot of favorites from what's coming up!!!

How often do you get to perform live?

I've performed a lot in 2013 hoping that the coming year will be even better

Do you want to stick with singing, or would you like to branch out beyond that some day?

Music is my main focus right now but I'd def like to see what other opportunities open up in the future.  I'm at an 'exploring everything' point in my life, LOL.

What advice do you have for other struggling young artists?

Man, have in yourself, in God, and your art. Stay positive and, most importantly, around positive and motivated people.

And what lies in store for the luminous Tia Ferrera?

My project will be out soon, def more visuals too!! I've got some major career goals I plan to reach in the coming year, but more than anything just to enjoy every single moment of this journey with the folks that love and support me.

Tia, thank you so much again for stopping by the bar.

Thank you so much for having me, Ankhesen!!!


  1. I have never heard her name, but in this interview she comes across so down to earth and that is refreshing. I'm definitely going to check out her music. You're always bringing something new. Wishing Ferrera blessings and more success!

    1. I look at Tia Ferrera and honestly feel like she's hit a reset button on pop/dance, taking us back to a simpler, classier time. The moment I found a track for sale, I bought that prontito. It's often hard for me to fangirl musicians who aren't from the 1990s or before, but artists like her and Jhene Aiko really do it!!!

    2. Is her stuff on iTunes? I'm like you about anyone who aren't from the 90s and earlier!

    3. You can get Keep It Movin on iTunes, but we're still waiting for her solo album to drop. Y'all will be the first to know when it does.

  2. Excellent interview Tia and you're looking amazing :) I <3 U love ...

  3. Wow, her back story is really amazing. I do feel like you can't be happy if you are not doing something you love. She is definitely a rising star and her time is coming. She is talented and the full package (has a great personality!). Best of luck to her.


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