At the Bar with D.J. Mifflin

~ * Very Special Edition * ~

Meet the man behind the Moloch. LA-based actor D.J. Mifflin currently co-stars as the demonic Big Bad on FOX's wildly popular Sleepy Hollow.  It was an immense pleasure and honor to complete this interview with him.

D.J., it’s so great to have you at the Bar. For those who are unfamiliar with you, please tell us a few things about yourself.

Well, it is an honor to be at the bar, thank you. My name is D.J. Mifflin I am originally from Delaware. I went to NYCDA (class of '04). I've been pursuing acting for almost eleven years, and recently moved from Los Angeles for the show.

I first learned about you when a reader told me you portray Moloch on the Sleepy Hollow. How on earth did you land that role?

Yes, I play Moloch, except in the pilot. That wasn't me!! People ask me that all the time. How I landed the role? (Typical Hollywood story) Well my agents Tay Smith and Chris Young of J. Pervis Talent Agency called me one day and said they had an audition for a show called Sleepy Hollow to play this character and I had to move in these odd distorted non-zombie but like zombie kind of walk. Was interesting but we shot the audition, sent it, and a few days later I got a call. And the next day I was in NC! Was a blessing, you know, was a crazy week.

How do you portray him – in body only or voice only, or both?

Only in body, yes the voice is not mine. They tried once, in a different language and all. Didn't work out to well, especially in a mask. Smh.

So that’s not even your voice recorded?

No, that was someone else's voice.

What’s it like being on the show?

It's fun! It's such an honor working with such an awesome cast and crew. It's cool to see how they are spinning it. Moloch is a tough character to play, being 7'7 and all (stilts).  It's challenged me to do some things I've never done. To be a part of such a respectable area of acting was unreal. It's a great show with amazing writers. All I can say is, stay tuned.

Anything fans should look out for in the future?  We promise not to tell….

Honestly, I couldn't tell you! I can say the characters alone are something to look forward to. The Sandman was my favorite so far.

I don’t know if you’re a Joss Whedon fan, but Sleepy Hollow has drawn many comparisons to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, namely with concepts such as the Monster of the Week (like your friend the Sandman) and "the Big Bad". How’s it feel knowing that on this show – with its massive following – you, D.J. Mifflin, are the Big Bad?

Yes, loved Serenity, and watched Angel all the time. LOL. Well, I never really think about it like that, but it is a blessing. I know that sounds crazy being a demon and all. But to be a part of an amazing show and to play a character of this magnitude is an honor. I just thank Sleepy Hollow for the opportunity.

So how long have you been acting? What drew you to the art?

I've been pursuing acting professionally for nine years, but the artistic side since a kid. When you come from an athletic and musical family, you're bound to find some artistic side to you. But the one time that I had the epiphany was after high school, going into college. I took a year off and worked. Realized it sucked and wanted to go to school. Went to college the first week and I said to myself...I've found it! LOL, of course I did other things, operas and school plays, before that. But that was it for me. The realization that I could motivate people by telling stories or changing the world with visual stories and music was cool to me. Hope that makes sense, LOL.

Operas?  You sing?

Yeah, Hansel and Gretel in Philadelphia. I've been singing since I was a kid. I will do the music thing eventually but wanna focus on acting. Writing some film projects also, so staying busy!

You’ve got quite an amazing collection of castmates there – Orlando Jones, Nicole Beharie, John Cho, and Lyndie Greenwood to name a few.

Yes, all are cool and such a pleasure to work with. Very talented, it's funny cause when I met Lyndie I said to myself, "She reminds me of that girl on Nikita, but she's British so that can't be her." Well later that day after a day of "I know you from somewhere", I found out it was her. I told her about it and how I was a fan of her work. She was cool about it. Funny! Yeah but Tom, Orlando, Lyndie, Nicole, they're were fun to be around. When we can, 'cause it's work hard.

OMG...I LOVED Lyndie Greenwood on Nikita! I was so excited when I learned she was going to be on Sleepy Hollow. Say hi to her for me!

Yeah me too! One of my favorite shows. So down to earth and just cool. Pleasure to work with! Will do!

So are you Team Ichabbie or Team Ichatrina?

LOL, man; hard to say. I mean, Katrina is his wife. But you gotta love the chemistry of Team Ichabbie. It's a tough one; I would say Ichabbie 'cause they have to stop the apocalypse, LOL.

After nine years, who in the biz inspires you? Whom would you like to work with?

Good question, actually everyone inspires me. The fact that I see people I admire working, (actors, working people in general) inspires me to get out there and work hard too. I would love to work with Will Smith, Idris Elba, Denzel Washington, Forrest Whitaker, of course. There are a few female actors also, but just to work with my peers would be great in itself. Actually there are a few directors I would love to work with, too. Len Wiseman; he really helped me understand who Moloch really was in the early stages. Guy Richie, Spike Lee, and Lee Daniels just to name a few.

What’s your favorite genre to act in?

Actually, I like comedy and dramatic roles. I know that's like hot and cold, but I like to laugh and I love to step out of my comfort zone sometimes.

What other projects should we look out for?

Well I have a Indie film coming out soon called LoveJacked I shot in LA.  LoveJacked is a film based on a Web-series we shot online. Basically, it's based around six college grad and undergrad theater and media students staying in a house. One of our roommates has exposed a company he works for that's created a drug that'll make people fall in love, but plan to use it for warfare. We later find out he was kidnapped and begin a search to find our friend and expose the company for who they really are.

And just keep supporting the show!

Mr. Mifflin, it was an immeasurable pleasure to have you here at the Bar. Thanks so much for stopping by.


  1. Dang! Looking at that first pic, it's a shame he has to be in all that costume and makeup.

  2. Lawd, that man is fine and talented and gifted. He's what we called BLESSED.

    1. They need to give him a random, out-of-makeup cameo on the show.

  3. Oh snap! Ank you be on it. Congrats on the interview.

    1. Thank you! He was an absolute delight to talk to.

  4. D.J. I'm proud of you bro...can't say it enough. I'm honored to have known you before, during and future fame. We here back in Delaware support you fully especially the crew from the mailroom...LOL. I see Oscars in your future bro!

    1. I see Oscars in your future bro!

      *crosses fingers*

  5. K, I love the fact that you always have the most interesting and coolest interviewees At the Bar!

    Thank you for the interview!!! XD

    1. This is one of my absolute favorites.


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