Sleepy Hollow, WTF was that????

***Spoilers, as usual***

So, last night I tuned into FOX's Sleepy Hollow which, as some of you know, had been on a 3-week hiatus.  On the one hand, there was some good stuff which will no doubt be covered on the Black Girls Club, where Nicole Beharie's character Lt. Abbie Mills has a running series, courtesy of the amazing Cinnamon.

But here at the Bar, we're not going to go and on about Lyndie Greenwood's appearance the good stuff.  We're going to talk about the fact John Cho wasn't on despite what was advertised at the start of the hiatus stuff which rubbed me the wrong way.

Baseball?  Really?

The episode opens with Abbie and Ichabod at a baseball game where she extols its patriotic virtues, blah blah blah.  I'm really growing sick of this All-American Dream propaganda on this show.  In 2010, 50% of Americans made less than $36,000.  And 50 years after MLK told the world he had a dream, said dream has been steadily denied POC.

Um...let's just stick to monsters and demons and witches-oh-my, okay?

The Founding Fathers were Indian-Killing Slave-Owners

This ties into the first complaint.  The whole revere-the-Founding-Fathers and hate-the-Brits is practically laughable.  America just can't move away from its us-vs-them mentality in film or TV.  If ain't the Viet Cong, it's the Russians.  If it ain't the Russians it's the North Koreans.  If it ain't the North Koreans, it's the British.

It's okay to take the Founding Fathers off the pedestal now.  It's about to be 2014, for pygmy's sake.  Let 'em go.

Arthur Bernard a.k.a. Cicero shouldn't have died for Ichabod

POC dying so the white man can realize his destiny?  No.  No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, and no.

Don't think because we had Orlando, Nicole, and Lyndie in this ep that we're going to overlook that.  Enough black men have died for white people's enlightenment, thank you.  Let that trope go.

Up next, Denny talks S.H.I.E.L.D.


  1. The Sin Eaters episode was a bit of a disappointment for me too. I was really looking forward to seeing more of the monsters. I wasn't sure if I was watching the show or a history lesson . To be honest, I became confused and just didn't get it. I was expecting an exciting episode but I wasn't quite feeling thisone .Hopefully next week will be better.. at least the previews seem impressive.

    1. Lets just hope the show doesn't fall victim to outside influences and join the ranks of "Flash Foward", "Twisted", "Deception" etc. and FOX doesn't ruin a good thing.

    2. Well isn't it already ahead in that they've renewed it already. It seems as if those shows never got renewed and in some cases didn't run a full season...

    3. I mean in the way of new writers or new writing, then the show starts to suck, and then gets cancelled or loses viewers.

  2. Cicero's death rubbed me raw. That was a fail that will go down in Sleepy Hollow history as far as I'm concerned.

    1. oops:

    2. It's not necessarily a problem unique to this show, but I do find it notable that so far in this universe, everyone who's at all terrible is terrible because of direct involvement in the underworld, which makes all this evil seem both hugely organized and also removes some culpability for human evil. Ichabod is supposed to spend this episode conflicted about where his moral imperative lies, but since the person he distrusts turns out to be an actual demon, he's not really put in a gray area here, and no one we've met over the course of the show (with the exception of the awful foster mother) has been evil unless they were in league with actual demonic forces. There's room for human evil in the world as well as supernatural evil; that foster mother was as creepy as any monster.



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