My new platonic cyber crush

Linda says,

I don’t have to answer any of your ridiculous questions, R_Rob…because you are a race realist and your questions are irrelevant because they are not real questions or asked out of any real concern … I talk to you when I feel like it– when it amuses me to do so

I have no respect for race realists because you have no respect for black or brown lives… you preach nothing but Hate.. you will say anything to further your agenda

“White Supremacists Use Black-on-White Crime as Propaganda Tool”

and a bunch of cowards who all come on this blog wrapped in lies and deception so that you can “attempt” to blend in and spread your filth and lies–

Abagond tolerates you all (you, DaJokah, and Randy) because you stir the pot and keep things “interesting” under the guise of “debating” — but that’s a load of BS because all your responses are rote and canned, straight out of the Race Realist manifesto…and like all creatures with no conscience, you don’t know when to stop.

all of you race realist say the same things and react the same way

that’s why you are easy to spot in the beginning when you all come to this blog disguised as: ” white but part Hispanic, or part Native American” or pretend to be black — you all have “Asian wives” or date interracially, everyone is an engineers or “professionals” with high GPA’s, who have worked in Asia or are/were in the military…

what’s wrong with being “a poor, white garbage man or dishwasher who is average, never left Kentucky or went to college, and lives in a trailer”… you all have to reach for the stars in order to appear special and attempt to intellectually keep up with the black commenters on Abagonds blog

spare me, R_Rob, even if black America did everything that white American society wanted them to do, you would still HATE them, R_Rob — so you stop with your sanctimonious bullsh’t!

Women are creatures of the purest awesome.


  1. BlackPeopleSufferFromPTSD11/15/13, 6:05 AM

    Yes!!!!!!!! This comment gave me LIFE when I read it! L-I-F-E I tell you!

  2. Leo Princess11/15/13, 9:42 AM

    Go, Linda!

    I wish Abagond would lay down the comment vetting hammer on his blog. These trolls don't encourage 'debate'. They're more like the disruptive brats who make class a learning nightmare. They add nothing of value.

  3. Ankhesen Mie,

    I LOVE YOU, mi sistren!!!!!!!

    Thank you for the post and shout out and the Love because sometimes, I feel like I can't win for losing on that blog and wonder why I even bother to Speak.

    You have just given me Life....

    stay Blessed!!! from Linda

    ps I had to use anonymous cause chica, I'm simple and don't have Any of your criterias


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