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What's going on with Harrison Wright on Scandal?  Oh, right...nothing.  Nothing's going on with Harrison.

Some 2-3 weeks ago we saw him get all bent out shape over someone named Adnan Saleif.  So bent out, in fact, the episode ended with Harrison turning to Huck for a "favor" about making sure this Adnan fellow never stepped foot back on American soil.  Okay...it was weak, and vague, and the audience felt nothing, but we figured it would lead into something bigger.  Nope.  We haven't heard about Adnan since.

This past week's episode showed Harrison in bed with the sister/daughter/whatever of Congressman Josie Marcus (Lisa Kudrow).  His lover?  A stereotypically idiot blonde named Candy - literally.

Now, I knew right away these two would sleep together this week.  From the moment they stepped onscreen, I knew.  What galls me is 1) I saw it coming so easily, 2) it didn't do anything for the plot, and 3) this is a really irritating pattern with Harrison's characterization.

We have had flashbacks and flesh-outs of damn near every character on the show by now, including the mysterious Olivia Pope herself, but when it comes to Harrison, it's the like the writers draw a blank.  He's the actor they signed on too quickly as though to fill a quota, without stopping to think ahead about how he would contribute to the show (aside for being eye candy).  Harrison is like the fanfic character you eventually have to cut out because you have Absolutely No Clue what to do with him, and in some ways, he holds the story back.

Granted, Harrison runs Olivia's office and to remove him from the cast would have a destabilizing effect upon the fictional business.  However, this in-between status of his, this bland, boring limbo he's stuck in makes you wonder why the writers are having such a hard time finding an interesting way to flesh out a successful, functional, intelligent black man.

Wait...is that it?  He's not playing a hard ex-con seeking revenge or redemption?  He's not playing a hard-nosed soldier or some white guy's comical BFF?  He's not playing a rapper/spoken word artist/broke jazz musician in a straight-to-video movie?  He's not playing a slave - is that it?

I mean, is anyone else baffled as to how the same woman who "designed" Dr. Preston Burke is having trouble with Harrison Wright, Esq.?

This bothers me.  This really troubles me.  We only have two black men who appear regularly on Scandal (and Joe Morton is new) - one's the villain, and the other's...Harrison.

Meanwhile, where white men on Scandal are considered, we have Cyrus (evil), James (good...ish), Jake (good...ish), Charlie (evil),  Hal and Tom of the Secret Service (good), and oh yeah...the President of the United States (don't even get me started on the Prez).

Explanation, please?


  1. Why do we always have to suffer through watching really fine black men chase/bed mediocre white women? Always. They take a white 3.5 and put her in bed with a black 10. I mean I'm supposed to believe that living in DC, the chocolate city, Harrison would need to resort to sex with THAT plain thing with all of the fine sisters running around? Ridiculous. Maybe if Scandal was set in Idaho or Utah but mother effing Washington DC?

    I'm totally offended by this pairing. Sorry, but I am. If he's going to cheat on me he needs to do a helluva lot better than that. Nia Long, Sanaa Lathan, Gabrielle Union. But not Lisa Kudrow's mini-me, b/c in my opinion she's that level of attractiveness.

    I'm going to go be sick now.

    1. Sanaa Lathan..oh yeah! she'll be great for Harrison's girlfriend

    2. I braced myself suspecting some facially challenged white woman would be in that bed with him. And all the women in my house collectively rolled their eyes when we saw sister - daughter pop her head up.

      And if they had paired Harrison with a black woman, she'd be looking flawless and not scary like Lisa Kudrow's daughter.

    3. Exactly...and I love the term facially challenged. That is exactly what she is. Yep, if it was a black woman she'd have been a 200 on a scale of 1-10, but nope, we get a white 3.5. I can't ever watch this episode again. My eyes will fall out of my head.
      And why is her reward for being a stupid a$$ getting to bed Harrison.

    4. Yeah...why would he sleep with her after she royally screwed up like that? And why get in bed with someone who clearly has no grasp on discretion? It's like playing with fire. The moment he found out what she did, Harrison plunged headfirst into denial.

  2. I'd rather see him written out than watch him bed mediocre white women.

  3. I love Harrison and I would hate to see anything happen where he's booted from the show. I feel that his character can be developed somehow if Shonda emphasized him a little more. There are characters( e.g. Katrina) where you know that they are purposeless,but Harrison has one, what I don't know. His character ,while is just up in the air, isn't run of the mill. I wouldn't want to she him be wasted like that.

  4. Looking at that picture if Shonda does fire him, she needs to box him up and send him to me for Xmas. I'm overdue a good Xmas present.

  5. I have faith in Ms. Rhimes. She has a
    solid track record with me.

    I suspect they have plans for Harrison which tie into a major storyline but with everything going on right now, I get the pacing.

    1. Shonda would be a fool to do it ( if it came to that)That would be a big mistake. It's not everyday that unsettled character interest me,but Harrison does,which is why I hope he become a bigger force on the show.

  6. For Harrison to bed a woman like Ms SisterDaughter is like shooting fish in a barrel.
    Harrison has game. He would have needed none to get her to drop trou.

    Was he off his game because he's still all rattled from the never-again-mentioned Adnan dude?

    Harrison would never pee in the company pool this way. If there's one thing he's been written to do, its run a tight ship when it comes to OPA, so this just seemed lazy and cheap. And really I don't care much that it was a white woman, I just care that it was THAT white woman. The quality level is just too low, and seems out of character for someone who has got so much game.

    Wouldn't he at least need a challenge? And if he was just out to get laid, he certainly wouldn't jeopardize or muddy the waters in a case OPA was dealing with, he just wouldn't.

    So I call shenanigans.

    And yeah: If You Don't Know What To Do With Harrison Just Friggin Say So!

    There's pacing and then there's WTF. I guess I'll just have to wait and see how this unspectacular turn of events for Harrison makes for an amazing major storyline. Can't wait.

    Shonda and Crew are amazing and I am a fan. But they've dropped the ball before.
    For example, nobody has been able to explain to me why Huck The Super Spy had regular bug sweeping day of Liv's home andeverybodyknowsit.com. Was a lazy and convenient way for Jake to get in there, when it could have been more suspenseful and spy vs spy funtimes if not for Huck's sudden lapse in Spy 101 Tactics.

    So yeah. But I'm happy to be proven wrong on this. I'll cheer and throw confetti. So I guess we wait.
    (sighs... what IS it with good tv shows going bad right now and at the same time?)

    1. And yeah: If You Don't Know What To Do With Harrison Just Friggin Say So!

      I mean, the fans can help you out!!!!

      For example, nobody has been able to explain to me why Huck The Super Spy had regular bug sweeping day of Liv's home andeverybodyknowsit.com.



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