If slavery is really over, then stop violating our bodies

(h/t Lauren)

ARE YOU SERIOUS?! Are you for real? You woke up one day and thought the best way to start conversation about body image was by photoshopping the head of the first self-made Black woman billionaire on some tacky lycra dresses?

...So you create an utterly dumbstupid dress to make fun of the fashion industry. And then you’re talmbout it’s philosophical. Sit the entire hell down! AIN’T A GAHTDAMB THING PHILOSOPHICAL ABOUT THIS TACKY ASS DRESS! This dress is about as deep as a drool spot.

Let me just say this one time for the record.

We're not impressed by this.  We're not amused and this does not endear you to us.  This will not bring us closer; it will not make us friends.  Every time you do stuff like this, you take a page out of a very old book.  And when the time comes, we will remember this, because after your fifteen minutes are over, your name will be forgotten but your racism will not.


  1. First off WTF. Second why do these white people (white women, straight white men, or gay white men) seem to always use black women's bodies for some supposedly "social commentary" , you know it's funny when something is actually hurting us, like ironically things like this, or when we speak out against something that is affecting us and could really use some "allies" they're all silent. If you want to point out social ills or some sort of societal flaw here's a thought; USE YOUR OWN DAMN IMAGES! I feel Black Women are never Black Women. We are black when it is convenient and women when it is convenient never both at the same time. So right now when they need a female body to degrade and you can't damage the precious little white woman's image, use a BLACK woman's body. When you want to talk about beauty and desirability, of course we must use a white woman or anyone but a black woman. They should read some work by black feminist to finally figure out black women experience racism, sexism, racialized sexism and sexualized racism (as in this little stunt above). We are not "sisters in the struggle" because in a lot of ways YOU are my struggle. White women need to realize something: they are just as bad if not worst than their men, they never get called out on anything, they always have a bunch of people swooping in to to defend them, thus, they never learn anything. The days of black women being used as collateral damage and cannon fodder to not dirty your own image and trying to present as social commentary, feminism, art or whatever are numbered. More people will catch on and your white woman tears won't save you.

  2. Reminds me of this bi*ch


  3. It's funny how white people tell us to change so that maybe they wouldn't be racist them anymore. Yet, the irony is that white people today are virtually like the white people of the past. They've barely changed at all.

    The fashion industry only see black women as objects and props for whites to use. To them, a black woman's body is nothing more than soulless art ready to be bought and sold, just like it was during slavery.

  4. It's interesting that she chose Oprah, one of the wealthiest and most powerful black women in the world, to strip naked and put on her dress. She could have chosen literally anyone else to "make her statement" about body image or whatever the hell she was trying to say, but instead, she chose a cultural icon. Just goes to show how much respect folks have for context and meaning.


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