Count the Fail

No, really.  Count.
Miley Cyrus is all about love and acceptance, y'all.

The "Wrecking Ball" singer stopped by BBC's Newsbeat on Wednesday and shared that she's more than just a twerking queen—she's an activist for ladies everywhere.

"I feel like I'm one of the biggest feminists in the world because I tell women to not be scared of anything," she said. "Girls are all beautiful."

The 20-year-old also addressed the frustrations she has with men being held to a different standard than women.

"Guys get to show their titties on the beach, why can't we," she asked. "I don't understand the double standard of life."

And while she's almost become synonymous with controversy at this point, Cyrus declared that her message to fans is really all about open-mindedness and being authentic.

Cyrus added, "I'm for anybody and everything. I don't care what you want to do in your life, or who you want to be with, who you want to love or what you look like."

What is up with modern "artists"?  WTF?  When you suck, you suck.  You then lick your wounds, go back to the drawing board, and try something else.  You don't start invoking "the big words" and big concepts to make yourself look like a martyr while you burn in the hellfires of fail.

The shittier performers have gotten, the more defensive and indignant they've become.  As though people are obligated to buy their shit - and it is just that: shit.  Today's so-called musicians can't write better music than whatever they're putting out, they can't sing as well as their predecessors, their fashion senses have devolved to a level that even the 1980s wouldn't touch, and we don't give a shit about them when their careers go up in flames.  So the moment they get criticism - the way any real artist should expect to and thus learn from - they start chanting feminism, civil rights, the First Amendment, double standards and that people need to back off on them because they are supposedly "artists".

The modern music industry has long been an oxymoronic punchline, and it should kill itself.  If you're charging your audiences hundreds of dollars a ticket to watch you strip and gyrate on stage, then you are a shameless charlatan.  You are bamboozling people out of their hard-earned money during a recession, and you should be caned.  There are folks who do what you do better than you ever could, and they only charge a dollar.

I mean, puh-leeze.

Miley Cyrus, you suck.  I hate to go all 1990s on you, but you totally blow.  After Banana Montana or whatever, you should've just retired, moved to an island somewhere, settled down and counted your Benjamins in peace.  I get that attention can be an addiction, but like any addiction, it can be overcome.


  1. My mom and I was just talking about Zac Efron struggles with drugs. I sometimes wonder if he did it ( or maybe still doing it..idk) because he has not been able to find a good role that could be beneficial to him. Even Vanessa Hudgens haven't been doing that great with her films. She attempted to do one with Selena Gomez playing some woozy girls on spring break,but I don't think it did her justice. With Zac, with his good looks and his acting experience , one woud expect for lines of good pictures would have came his way ,but it hasn't. I really believe that High School Music might have typecast them.

    Although this is acting, I'm just talking about the Pop culture in general. It's good to be in if you're not over 25,but once your over that age, singers can pretty much count their days of being that good bye. The problem with being in this culture is that it's more about image than about being good singers and it's one that never wants you to grow up. I'm looking at Justin Bieber. This boy is going down into oblivion. Every week he's in media for pulling messing with all sorts of women, wanting to knock people in their mouth and not looking ago screwing with the Argentinian flag. With Miley, she being associated with drugs and inappropriate raunchiness. Another thing that I notice about Miley and Justin is that they are associating with hip hop rappers. Is it for a change in musical genre? or that they're just temporary fun to them ?maybe,but I also had another thought to why they may trying to slide with them.

    If there is anything I've learned about hip-hop is that it's a little like R&B, it's a genre that lasts( so far) until the day you die, the fans of it tend to be more loyal and that unlike pop, it's one that you can either grow into like Bow-Wow and where you still can be respected at any age. I mean look at the old school rappers some them are near 60 and they are still respected. I mean I look at LLCoolJ he's in his mid to late 40's and his raps still sound good and people love him for it. With pop, folks will look at you crazy at the age of 30. It's not expected for you to do that.

    Justin, Miley and other pop singers are coming to this conclusion and they want to grow up and pop music will not let you be real. The fans want you still be bubble gum singers and still be children for the rest of your lives. They want to grow up,but they are are going about it the wrong way. If they want to be adults, they should take a long break regroup and try to do something different in their lives. With Miley, she does have a great voice and I could see her being serious singer,but if she 's not careful, she's going to lose it. Justin..idk. He still look like a 12 year old,not exactly Freddie Mercury with the voice. No matter how tough he wants to look, he just look like a pipsqueak!

    You speak about 1980's and back. Those were the good ol' days. People knew how to sing and were more original back then. Whether it's hip/pop music both have lost their edge ,but as I said before, people can grow with rap,not so much with pop.

    1. Here, here! I totally agree with everything you have said. The 80s & 90s music scene had their shit together. I noticed a downward spiral with the music (and movie) industry after the new millenium kicked in.

      With the movies, I noticed that certain child stars that were popular were tossed to the side once they started to mature (i.e., Macauley Culkin). Very few have maintained their stay in Hollywood. In music, many stars started out one way and morphed into something else entirely (Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus). Once the entertainment machine has used you up, they spit you out like yesterday's mucous and move on to the next poor soul to take advantage of. (Wash, rinse, repeat.)

      It is all about image. Talent is optional.

  2. The problem is, you used to need talent in order to have a music career, now you just need to have some sort of marketing quality, talent be damned. Now don't get me wrong, you had to have marketing quality back then too, but on top of having actual talent. Today's artist are just about selling something and when they can no longer sell it ( ie. Miley Cyrus' Hannah Montana) they have to try in sell something else ( ie. Miley Cyrus- ratchet queen/feminist/life coach, lol) otherwise they're out the industry.

    1. Seriously, remember all of the black girl groups from the 90's. It's like your average 90's black girl group could sing their asses off. Like for real. It's like the biggest black female singers couldn't even sing back-up for a B-list 90's girl group.

  3. Leo Princess11/15/13, 9:45 AM

    UGH! Can we fast forward to when she's older, 'wiser', and tearfully speaking to Diane Sawyer about her misspent youth?


  5. I wish Miley and her fans would stop trying to hide behind feminism. A crappy performance is a crappy performance. People should be allowed to criticize and entertainers boring/vulgar performance without being accused of being sexist. Plenty of other young women have done sexy and/or attention seeking performance while still managing to being interesting and entertaining. Miley needs to step her game up.

    1. Well, that is the standard defense. Point out her racism (or Lily Allen's or Gwen Stefani's) and you are slut shaming, misogynist (b/c you know, if you are a BW criticizing a WW you aren't really a woman anymore), etc.
      Derail, derail, derail. It's like anything a white women does is covered by feminism no matter how vile.

    2. It's like anything a white women does is covered by feminism no matter how vile.

      Speak of the devil.

  6. " It's like anything a white women does is covered by feminism no matter how vile."

    Don't even get me started.


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