Congrats, Sleepy Hollow; you have a #whitegirlintheway

You must be so proud.

And so on top of a sudden nonsense introduction and hilariously no-thanks origin story, we now have the added expositionary burden that the Horseman of Death, Rider of the Pale Horse, Scourge of the Living, Harbinger of the Apocalypse, Long-Awaited One, is just Katrina's butthurt dudebro ex. He became the vessel of the immortal, disembodied, unspeakable horror of the End of Days because his fiance ditched him for his friend. Katrina is now, explicitly, the prize they'll be fighting over.

...It may sound like a repositioning, but honestly, further damseling her does Katrina no favors. It also does the Horseman no favors, because an undead guy with a grudge and a short temper and an empty, unstoppable eldritch horror from the fires of Hell just don't register the same way as threats. Sometimes if you have an unspeakable horror from the End of Days, just keep it that way.

Still, just because I don't like where this road trip is going doesn't mean I'm not in the car. The war's opening salvos have been fired, and everyone's got their part to play. Abbie has her shit together at the moment, which is good because Ichabod is kind of falling to pieces, and hopefully (hopefully) she will not become sidelined by all this unexpected Katrina business.

~ Genevieve Valentine, "Sleepy Hollow Goes Wide With Their 'Necromancer'"
Don't get me wrong; last night's episode had some great moments, including the assertion of POC dominance in casting. Abbie Mills's sister Jenny (Lyndie Greenwood) is no longer stuck in the mental asylum, so now she's free to fight by her sister's side (and be awesome, I might add). Andy Brooks (John Cho) is back yet again, displaying phenomenal acting ability, deftly switching between languages and even characters at whim.  Remember Brent Spiner's performance in ST:TNG's "Masks"?  I'm talking that kinda shit.

But alas...there's the inevitable fail.

From day one, Sleepy Hollow has tried and failed repeatedly to get fans vested - hell, interested even - in Katrina Crane (Katia Winters). Now mind you, the actress is a perfectly lovely woman who's clearly good at what she does, despite the half-assed BS the writers keep handing her.  But it is time to find a graceful way to get her off the show.  Most of us don't care about this woman.  We don't care about her marriage to Ichabod; she's dead and he's moving on whether certain fans want to accept that or not.

We can find other witches if need be; living witches whom we can ask probing questions to avoid cryptic answers we have to race to solve at the last minute.

We don't need a white girl on the show simply to be The White Girl, held captive, heaving bosoms, being fought over, wearing surprisingly glamorous garb (and flawless makeup) while she's supposed to be rotting in Purgatory.  This really does the character No Favors; it sets white women back 250 years (ironically), and I'm sure Katia Winters is sitting in her dressing room, poring over the fine print in her contract, desperately scrounging for a way out.  I say this because whenever women - guys don't suffer this as much - but whenever women are handed a shit role which then bombs, they suffer the blame.  Their career takes the hit, usually a big one, while the asshole agents, directors, and writers who dragged them into the mess in the first place get to soldier on.  Remember Elizabeth Berkeley after Showgirls?

OMG, lose this character now.  Set her soul free, send her onward to heaven, and do some damage control.  Because right now, she is this show's weakest link, and if Sleepy Hollow wants to make it to "seven years of tribulation", Katrina needs to be plucked from the chain.  Now.

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  1. Unfortunately, I never read the actual SH book,but I can only assume that Katrina is one of the main characters in the series.

    Still, I'm also wondering about her role. Even if she's suppose to be in SH, I'm not feeling her. I tried, but Katrina isn't working for me..just plain boring. I was reading a couple of blog where Katrina " fans" so much wanted her to be in it for reason we already know. I'm sorry ,but Katia's character is just there. SH won't die without her presence in it,but I guess to please those rabid fans, they have to keep her in.

    John outdid himself in the SH" Necromancer" though I 'm grateful that I wasn't eating on that! it was gross,but he was awesome acting as telepathy for the Death. John deserves more time on this show and I hope he can. He fits far better on SH than Katia. At least his character has interesting purpose.

    1. Amen. Less focus on Katrina, more focus on John.

    2. @M, no, there is on Katrina in b/c the Legend of Sleepy Hollow is a short story, not even a full length book and certainly not a series.
      A great deal of poetic license has been taken in building out a storyline that is based on the character of Ichabod Crane but besides the fact that he was in fact chased by the Headless Horseman, none of the rest of this series has anything to do with that story.
      It all occurs in the past, and it does not involve the Revolutionaly War or the founding fathers, and there are no witches or other demons or evil forces that Ichabod must battle.
      It's a great short story and one that my mother (a schoolteacher) introduced me to when I was in grade school. It was the story that schoolteachers and librarians pulled out to read to you at Halloween.
      I mean, it's similar to the way that Once Upon a Time takes famous fairytale characters and builds out their backstory in a way that does not exist on paper (and I like the show, so I'm not criticizing it, but I'm juts saying that these shows don't reflect the books or stories they are based upon, although in the case of the fairytales, what we hear growing up are highly santized versions since the original stories were for adults and definitely did not have happy endings in many cases-I took a class on Folklore, Mythology, and Childhood in college), so it kind of reconnected me with a lot of this stuff.

    3. Oh, I take it back...I just checked again and the Headless Horseman was in fact a Hessian solider and Katrina is a minor character that Ichabod wants to marry.
      Thanks to technology and time, you can likely find an electronic copy of the story online or download it to Kindle for free for example. Just based on its age there is bound to be a free copy available.

  2. The Katrina character is redundant. I hate the way the show makes her seem to be so important and pivotal to the plot. She's not. All she does is appear in visions and says stuff. You don't need a character/person to do that. Ichabod can get that from a voice in his head, visions in his head ( he does have an eidetic memory) an inanimate object etc. I hope this poor attempt to give Katrina relevancy doesn't ruin the show.

    1. I hope this poor attempt to give Katrina relevancy doesn't ruin the show.

      It will, but because they've secured a second season, they've bought themselves a second chance. Like, as long as they wrap her "storyline" this season, we'll be good to go.

  3. I'm just wondering how they are going to keep this going. If they kill off the HH somehow will they then go after the other Horsemen. Plus I also think BOTH Ichabod and Abby are witnesses. One might be, but not both. I think it will be her and her sister OR maybe Brooks and Ichabod.

    1. They keep saying they can't kill the HH, only trap him...but who knows. And since all roads eventually lead to Moloch - LOL, who's also played by a POC, y'all - I think the writers are trying to redirect our attention there.


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