The Bar Loves Tessanne Chin

So, thanks to Jules, I was going to write about this lovely woman a while back...and of course, Angry Asian Man beat me to it.

Tessanne Chin is a Blasian goddess Chinese Jamaican chanteuse who recently spun all four chairs on The Voice (see below).  I admit I don't know much about this lovely (established) artist from Jamaica yet, but boy will I enjoy getting to know all about her.

**Update** Wait...lemme add something else.

Her accent, y'all?  Her accent is somethin' else - I think she should be able to stand on that stage, read the phone book for an hour, and still win the goddamn Voice, hear?

The judges weren't the only ones all gushing and breatheless when she talked about singing being her "bread and butter back home"!

That's a grown woman, y'all.


  1. One word: Maturity. Why can't there be mainstream female singers like this, instead of all these perpetually 14, oversexed, auto tuned, half naked, known more for their behavior than their talent ( if they have any) "entertainers"? Ps. I loved her accent.

    1. I could listen to her (and her daddy) talk all day.


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