The Bar Loves Lauren Hernandez

Lauren, girl...I said you had my attention, didn't I?

Love her or hate her hair, Gabby Douglas opened America's eyes to something they'd forgotten: when you compete in tournaments like the Olympics, the countries competing against you don't care about your whitest and brightest.  They don't care that you've brought along America's Sweetheart - they don't care about you periodYou're just the thing standing in the way of their gold.

So when you're competing in a global tournament, you're up against the most skilled and disciplined youth of the world.  Trust and believe they're going to bring it.

The 2012 Summer Olympics were definitely an eye-opener here in these disunited states, 'cause I tell is becoming the Age of the Brown Girl.

Bar Patrons, meet 13-year-old Lauren Hernandez.  That's right; she's 13.  She's coached by the legendary Chow Liang; as evident by Shawn Johnson and Gabby Douglas, this man don't raise no fools.

You give him a gymnast and he hands you back an Olympian.


  1. Leo Princess10/15/13, 11:11 PM

    Whoa. I wonder how many times she rehearsed that floor routine?

    Yes, 'rehearsed'. That right there was a performance.

    1. Right? She was blessed with the perfect music and excellent choreography. She was clearly very proud of the routine she was given.

  2. I see a gold medal in her future.

    1. I really hope so. I want this girl to have a stellar career.


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