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"Are we gladiators or are we bitches?"
 ~ Harrison Wright, Scandal S3:E1

This post is loooooooong overdue.  Season Three's premiere reminded me to go ahead and just get it done, once and for all.

Thirty-one-year-old Columbus Short is currently best known for his role on Shonda Rhimes's Scandal as the savvy, fast-talking, suit-rocking, problem-solving Harrison Wright, a self-proclaimed "gladiator" at Olivia Pope & Associates.  In real life, Mr. Short is also a choreographer, musician, writer and director.  He also once started a project with his friend Lee Thompson Young, which I'm guessing has ended...for obvious reasons.

I like that when Henry Ian Cusick left after Season One, this guy stepped up to take over "the big office", and there are times when I forget it's Olivia's firm, not his.

Things I dig about Harrison:

1) He's pretty and he's got the deep, raspy voice.

2) He looks awesome in a suit.

3) He's shrewd and quick-thinking.

4) He looks awesome in a suit.

5) He's devoted to his sistah-in-arms Olivia, and in a beautiful moment last season, declares himself her gladiator.

6) He looks awesome in a suit.

7) He never backs down from a fight.  Even when outmatched, he finds away around the problem.

8) He looks awesome in a suit.

Fashion Tips from Moi:

Writers, give us more info on Harrison. Give us flashbacks, flesh out his life outside the office, give him a significant other (I heard on the webvine that there's a theory his character's gay.  I say run with it, Shonda).  By all means, give us more of this strong, clever, gorgeous black man, and whatever you're paying him...up it!!!


  1. Aww, how sweet of you to do a post on my future husband...thanks.

    1. You're welcome! I hope you two are very happy together! ;)

  2. Oh, not that we've gotten find out, but I think we could put down as 9 and 10 with an asetrisk that he probably looks awesome out of that suit too.

    Oh, and you know he was writing partners with the late Lee Thomspon Young...

  3. So glad you wrote this. Love.

    1. You're a Harrison fan? Well...wonders never cease....

    2. Eh? I never stood a chance.

  4. I wish they would develop his character? He's the least fleshed out person on the show. Or did I miss the episode where they explained his backstory? And...why doesn't he have a love interest?



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