Jules Takes on the Abagond Challenge in, "A Love Letter to Black Women"

Our own Jules has written one of the most beautiful and moving pieces I've ever read (granted, I happen to know and love her). When she first told me about it, I thought she was going to share one of her stunning visual pieces, but instead she used words and they melted me right away.
[Let me count the ways of Awesome...] A Love Letter to Black Women
It's not easy being Black and Woman in this era and in this place that has traditionally hated Black and Women for too long. To give recognition to this shameful societal structure, to defy what's been normalized, to decry the wrong, I put this letter here, in appreciation.

Black Women are who I'm looking at when I think about women and matriarchy. Black Women are the original Feminists, the original Civil Rights movement before both were appropriated. Black Women envisioned, demanded and paid in blood for their Respect. They are the closest practitioners of Matriarchy, Women's Power and Women's Love that I have in this land. I am 1st Gen American but I inherit a legacy of immigrants. I am told I will be forever foreign. I reject this colonialist sentiment, I reject white supremacy, I reject patriarchy and I know that Black Women do too. When I think of an America I can be proud of, where foreignness is are not illegal, where people control their own bodies and sexuality, where racial supremacy can be put to flame, where history is not ignored, Black Women are what I see.
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  1. Loved it! I wish every black women and black girl in the world read this.


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