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Should've mentioned these guys a hell of a lot sooner, by the way. And to quote a YouTube commenter, there ain't nothing wrong with a Motown Revival.


  1. Ain't nothing wrong with Motown Revivial! I grew up dancing and singing to it, since I grew up in Detroit! :)

    Also nothing wrong with being olde fashioned in terms of a song or dance. I would say that their dance style is not Motown. Motown dancing was more conservative and tight. My theory has been that everyone takes from Motown in terms of group dancing and style but not many give Motown the props or credit.

    Here is one example, The Temptations ~ I Wish It Would Rain ~

  2. Uh-oh - I didn't know you were into alladat!

  3. Oh yes I love Motown! I am an enigma to most - liberal, radical but conservative in some ways! =)


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