Open Mic Night: Dang, Aaron Alexis

Aaron Alexis has now allegedly joined a long line of American mass murderers by using his AR-15 to wreak carnage on a naval civilian facility in Washington D.C. today.

We are now learning that he acted alone, and that he does not fit the profile of most mass shooters (see white males)in America. Most. Just a few years ago a couple of black males terrorized the D.C. area as well. We didn't see that coming, either.

His friends say that he was a peaceful guy (they always say that) and that he even studied Buddhism. They say that all of this was out of character. But was it?

Apparently this Alexis dude liked to fire his gun, and he liked his video games as well. That is not a good combination. Alexis was actually arrested in Texas for discharging his weapon. (Those damn noisy neighbors) But Texas being Texas the district attorney there did not find it necessary to file charges.

Still, this won't be one of those we need gun control bash the NRA post; that would be too easy. This is about trying to find out what is happening in America to cause people to want to just take out innocent people because of their own messed up situation in life. Aaron Alexis became infamous today, tomorrow it will be someone else.

We will all be just as shocked, and just as outraged. But, when it's all said and done; we will do nothing.

~ Field Negro, "Shocked for a Day"
Well, now...we know the White Reich Right is going to milk this one for a while.  But because the gun control activists have already reared their heads, the Right's not going to milk it for too long because, like Field Negro says, the ultimate goal is to do nothing.

This is an Open Mic Night, Patrons.  Drink up and speak honestly.


  1. Sad but true I guarantee some other moron will be at it again sooner rather than later. I do not see if there is anything that can be done about guns. I pray for the families affected by this madness. As for him and everyone like him..nothing. I just do not care. I cannot feel sorry for these people. Supposedly getting dumped by a girlfriend/boyfriend, not getting your money, and being paranoid does not warrant going out and killing innocent people. Did he need help yes badly. Its not secret that most veterans get swept under the carpet. Is this going to change the system. NO! Take a good look at it. The backlog is through the roof and this massacre is not going to change it.

  2. When I learned about this, I was saddened,not only that 13 people got killed in this rampage,but that the guy who did was a Black guy.

    Yep! you know that Faux News( Fox.Love saying that) will have a field day with this. "See..we told you,Black folks are animals". Unfortunately, the world will listen to the lies of a White man before the honest, truthful words of a Black one.

    Sometimes think about the stereotypes of Black men being killers, I wonder do some people think, who are truly the violent people of our society? Supposedly, Black folk are natural born killers,but here is my thing with this: who were the creators of the deadly weapons we have today? the Black man didn't create AK-47s, Smith-Wessons , chemical weapons or nuclear ones. I was looking at a blog where this White guy called another blogger dumb and boasted about his people building the nuclear bomb. Instead of the Black responder feeling bad about it he told as I would have..that Im glad to know that my people didn't build a deadly weapon that can take the lives of a million people. When you think about it,we didn't make any of these weapons. Maybe we wouldn't have all of this gun violence if those weapons wasn't made. It also don't help that those same very fools that will make fun of Aaron support gun rights.

    I wondered what made Aaron tick. I was listening to the news and it said that he had anger management problems and that he went off on someone for being picked on. Like you said, the " experts" only said a little bit about his mindset,but not too much. After all Black men are violent evil beings..right?( sarcasm).

    1. @M- The problem isn't guns. Yes you wouldn't have all these idiots out here shooting up the place just because they have problems. Can't deny that at all. But mass killings have gone on for centuries. People just keep inventing more efficient ways to do it.

  3. From my blog:

    I went through the usual stages of marginalized threat anxiety. I hear about it. I wished and hope that the fool wasn’t black. I go through the cringe when I found out that it was indeed a black man behind a shooting at a military facility. I ask myself, “Why the hell did he have to be black?” I got angry, depressed and surmised that somewhere the white man’s god is laughing his ass off at my expense.

    I’m still pissed off, but I’ll try to manage through it to make a comment.

    First off, I know the right wing dickheads are pulling all the stops to turn this tragedy into a hot mess to further their own twisted, backwards agendas involving gun control and racial resentment. I know they will sell this to the fearful White America public that, yet again, a black man resorted to his primal, animal instincts of violence. This is what gets the fear-mongers at Fox News off every time.

    The shooter Aaron Alexis, who murdered 12 people and was killed himself, will influence further prejudices and hatred towards blacks because you know, black people all must love violence as seen in this one mass shooting.

    No one will consider Alexis as suffering from a mental illness because you know, black people don’t suffer, especially when it comes to their psychological health. He was just a typical criminal black man who lust for blood against “innocent” people. Once again, all black men are to be feared.

    Sadly, this fear of the black man can be fatal whether you are a threat or not. Being a black man in this country is a risk. Recently, a young brotha became yet another grim example of this truth, and his only crime was looking for help in the suburbs.

    1. Being a black man in this country is a risk. Recently, a young brotha became yet another grim example of this truth, and his only crime was looking for help in the suburbs.

      Baby, preach.

    2. Unfortunately, that happened in my hometown. I have no idea what the cop was thinking. He could have easily shot him in the leg to stop him.

    3. Well, he had a white women who decided that a black man who knocked on her door and DIDN'T come in when she opened it was "breaking into her home", and after he didn't try to come into her home she was looking for her own gun and called the cops screaming bloody murder so I'd say the cop isn't the only one who has a problem.
      That lady acted like Satan landed on her doorstep b/c the man in question was black, which pisses me off as much if not more than the cop who decided to shoot him down like he was Scarface.
      So what was the cop thinking. The same thing that awful racist woman was thinking...that a black man is a dangerous beast who must be put down before you know all of the facts.
      Gotta say, really unimpressed with Charlotte and that is saying a lot b/c I'm from Kentucky.
      I would like to think that woman feels crappy but the transcript from her 911 call makes me think she might be in the Klan. Awful, awful woman.
      But hey, at least the white woman is okay after her scary confrontation from a poor young man who escaped death in a scary car accident only to be killed for looking for help.
      White people never cease to amaze me.

    4. And he also could have you know, not shot at all since he no proof that the man had done anything other than an hysterical racist white lady.

    5. @Nicthommi

      What would you have done? If you were in her shoes?

    6. Are you serious? The man didn't threaten her or break into her house. He knocked on that racist witch's door. She freaked out b/c a black man knocked on the door, she answered, and she lost her damn mind, and we proceeded to have what I have always called a "To Kill a Mockingbird" moment b/c of some white woman crying wolf.
      So yeah, I actually don't answer my door without looking through the peephool, but since I'm black, I don't find black men to be so scary that if one was at my door I'd call the cops as if he was dragging me down the hall to rape and kill me.
      So um, yeah, that's what I'd do. B/c again, I know that black maleness is not pathologically crazy and violent. You likely don't.
      This woman overreacted b/c of his skin color. She would not have lost her shit if a white guy had knocked on her door. Again, she opened the DOOR, and he did not grab her and try to take her delicate white flower.
      Do you think that men knocking on your door are "breaking in" and that you need to call the cops and find your gun? Do you have a nervous breakdown at the sight of a black man?
      See, I have no idea what your race is but I'm guessing you aren't black, b/c you when aren't black or brown, you get the benefit of the doubt and no one thinks you are a raging beast.

    7. Here's a story for you that illustrates how differently white maleness is viewed from black maleness. I live in an apartment complex, 3 stories, and in a mild climate so the corridors do not have outer doors or walls (like a motel really, which is how all of the apartment where I live are made).
      We have non-attached garage facilities that are in between each set of buildings. One day when I was pulling into mine, a white man and his child were standing at the archway leading to the stairs that I have to take to get to my apartment.
      At first, it seemed like no big deal. What I found odd is that by the time I'd parked, gotten my stuff, and closed my garage door, they were still standing there. Staring. Very uncomfortable. I thought about going back to my car until they left, but I was tired and wanted to get inside.
      I started up the stairs, at which point they start up behind me. I get to my front door and stick my key in, and these two creepoids are stopped and standing right behind me. I quickly open and shut my door but they actually had the nerve to lean in to try to look at my apartment. I found that shit to be unnerving as hell.
      I reported it and described the incident to my apartment office and they claimed they had no idea who it could be (not great since we supposedly live in a gated community and people visiting apartments are escorted there and back by the staff).
      What pissed me off is that I'm quite sure that the staff was dismissive of the story b/c the people following me to my apartment were white (and not black or brown), and I'm black. I'm pretty sure that had my dad oogled a white lady while walking with me and followed her to her house and apartment, all holy hell would have let loose. I think that if I'd called that I had seen an unfamiliar white man, they'd have sent someone around to investigate.
      Even though I was scared, I didn't act crazy, but probably should have called security myself.
      I'm not scared of black men, but I know that the world we live in is why white people don't get treated with as much suspicion even when they do suspicious stuff, even by the people (me) who should be macing them or calling the police. If you are a black woman, you actually have a lot of reason to fear white men. But even then, I can maintain my composure and assess a situation and decide if I need to fight, flee, or call for help (however no cop is going to shoot anyone like Rambo for my black tail). And that's the truth.
      And yes, those creepy white people still live upstairs from me and if I hear them coming down the stairs and I'm about to leave, I wait until they have passed and pulled out. B/c they ARE scary as fuck, they stare at me, and no one is doing to do a damn thing about it b/c they are white.

    8. I mean, if I'd called to say I had seen an unfamiliar BLACK man...clearly white men aren't a threat so there is no need to bother looking into it when they are following black ladies around...

    9. @Nichthommi,

      Have you thought about carrying a handgun?

    10. @Mickey...I'm really not comfortable with the idea of guns (and I'm from the South so a lot of people have them and a carry them) but I probably should get some mace or pepper spray or a taser.
      B/c it is just a fact that as a black woman, I'm NOT taken seriously as a victim even if I get victimized, which of course is exactly the opposite from the fact that a white women can say someone looked her funny and get them killed.
      I find it odd that the apartments here(in this region) all are open to the outside and do NOT have a deadbolt. My friends apartments are the same. In the past, I've lived in places that had an outer door that was only open to residents (which wouldn't help since I live below a creeper) but also they ALL had deadbolts AND chains.
      But you also know that if I did shoot someone for stalking me I'd be sent to jail for murder. Esp. if it was a white person...

    11. If a gun is too frightening for you, then a stun gun/taser would be then next best thing. It is a damn shame that in our society there is a sliding scale of protection for people, going from the lightest to the darkest. And the darker you are, the less protected you are by the authorities. It further proves whose lives are valued and undervalued.

    12. My thoughts exactly. You want something that will leave your stalker alive and intact.

      Besides, if more WOC starting carrying weapons, even more white folks will as well. Next thing you know, our death rate will skyrocket due to "misunderstandings" in the street. Some white dude will tearfully get on TV talking about all he wanted was an innocent date when things rapidly crashed and burned in a firefight.

  4. It has already begun. From Angry Asian Man:
    So f%$king what.

    This week, as we mourn and try to make sense of the mass shooting at the Washington Navy Yard, which took the lives of thirteen people, the media has turned its attention to the background of gunman Aaron Alexis... including his relationship history. And so we have this "exclusive" report that tells us what nobody really needed to know: Aaron Alexis apparently had a thing for Asian women.

    According to The Telegraph, Alexis had a string of failed would-be relationships with Asian women over several years before Monday's massacre.... And the point of this revelation is...?

    All the Asian women made him do it? And video games. Bullshit.

    Alexis apparently pursued a lot of relationships with Asian women. And he wasn't very good at it. The end. Yes, we've known many of those dudes. Maybe that made him creepy, or perhaps unlucky in love. But a "string of failed relationships with Asian women" is neither headline-worthy, nor explains why he shot twelve people to death. Try again, Telegraph. Next time with something relevant.

  5. The Telegraph also went for the bad black mother trope.

  6. This story reminds me of a case that happened in Louisiana where a Japanese exchange student, Yoshihiro Hattori, was gunned down by a white man, when the door was opened ON PURPOSE and he entered the house, assuming that he was about to enter for a Halloween party he and the white boy who was part of his host family were planning to attend. This happened in 1992.

    Two months into his stay in the United States, he received an invitation, along with Webb Haymaker, his homestay brother, to a Halloween party. Upon their arrival, the boys mistook the house owned by Rodney Peairs, the shooter, for the house where the party was actually held to the similarity of the address and the Halloween decorations on the outside of the house. When the boys approached the house, they rang the doorbell. In the interview, the white boy said that the white woman whose house he approached opened the door, but she was not scared of him even though she did not know who he was and he was dressed as mummy. She got scared when she saw the figure of the Japanese boy coming from around the house. She told the police she did not know what his race was but that she noticed that he was "darker colored".

    The white woman slammed the door shut, according to the white kid. She told her husband "Rodney, get your gun!" as she thought someone was outside trying to get in. The husband proceeded to get his weapon. As the boys were walking to their car, Rodney reopened the carport door and pointed is revolver at the boys. He pointed his gun at Yoshihiro and yelled "Freeze!" Yoshihiro could not speak fluent English, so when he approached Rodney, he said that they were there for the party but Rodney shot him in the chest. Yoshihiro later died in the ambulance. Although the white family was sorry for the death, Rodney was not sorry for owning a gun.

    During the police investigation, she said that when she saw Yoshihiro, she thought that he was Mexican. (Notice that when the white boy was in the white woman's face, only separated with a screen door, she was not scared.) But when she saw a non-white male from a distance, she was frightened and told her husband to retrieve his weapon.

    Rodney Peairs was acquitted after a 7-day trial. In a civil trial, however, the court found Peairs liable to Hattori's parents for $650,000 in damages. The lawyers for Hattori's parents argued that the Peairses had behaved unreasonably: Bonnie Peairs overreacted to the presence of two teens outside her house; the Peairses behaved unreasonably by not communicating with each other to convey what exactly the threat was; they had not taken the best path to safety—remaining inside the house and calling police; they had erred in taking offensive action rather than defensive action; and Rodney Peairs had used his firearm too quickly, without assessing the situation, using a warning shot, or shooting to wound. Furthermore, the much larger Peairs could likely very easily have subdued the short, slightly built teen. Contrary to Peairs' claim that Hattori was moving strangely and quickly towards him, forensic evidence demonstrates that Hattori was moving slowly, or not at all, and his arms were away from his body, indicating he was no threat. Overall, a far greater show of force was used than was appropriate.

    When it comes to shit like this, ain't nothing changed but the weather.

    1. When it comes to shit like this, ain't nothing changed but the weather.

      Indeed. I'd never even heard of this case. It's disgusting how stuff like this gets buried.

    2. I actually do remember the case. It did make national headlines b/c it was a Japanese kid and at the time, they were kind of the major foreign economic force. The Japanese gov't were baffled that the man who shot this child was not held criminally responsible.
      But what was surprising to me is that it WASN'T brought up when Trayvon Martin was killed b/c it was in one of the states that gives you the right to kill people who come onto your property. In the case of this poor boy, they had the wrong address and he also did not understand what the man and women were yelling(very limited English), so he never had a chance.

    3. I remembered that case good and well. If the Japanese government only knew back then. Justice here is put on a scale but no matter what, no minority will ever win against the White man no matter how guilty he is.

      Speaking of being unjustifiably murdered, look a what happened to that young Black man who was shot 10 times by a North Carolina policeman. The man was unarmed, was in an accident and only came to seek help. No matter how many times I hear of similar incidents that take place in the US and internationally, the stories never get old. The caller just seen a Black man and overreacted as if he was a rogue. That wasn't even necessary what she did. If she wasn't sure about this guy , she should have just looked out her window, talked to him through there, answered his question and called an ambulance. Though it's ok to call the cops on unknown people lurking through your neighborhood( if they have been through there more than once and not to any specific person's house), she didn't even had to go there with him being a robber. Then again, all Black people are suppose to be such *sarcasm*

      Though the cop is in jail being charged with manslaughter ( should have been outright murder), I wouldn't be surprised if he got off or serve 2 days or less n prison. The White man can do whatever he feels and nothing will hardly be done to him. A siree, we're really going to pay for it. Far as Im concerned, after looking at the Trayvon Martin case, justice is just a figment of ones imagination.

    4. Here are the 3 clips on Justice Files that show the incident and everything that followed:

      Part 1:

      Part 2:

      Part 3:


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