No, I'm not neglecting Chris Lane

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But anyways....
The right has made the Chris Lane murder their cause célèbre, their meme, their Trayvon Martin, and they believe this is the president’s gotcha moment. And they should be outraged, just as we all should. We all should mourn the loss of Christopher Lane, Trayvon Martin, the children who were killed in Sandy Hook and Columbine, and those who are killed each day in cities like Chicago, Oakland, New Orleans, Philly and Detroit. The president has spoken out against gun violence, but what were his detractors doing, condemning the bloodshed or calling for more guns? And can’t we all claim the victims of gun violence, regardless of race?

Certainly the Aussies are outraged, but for a different reason. They want to boycott this nation for its culture of violence, just as some Americans want to boycott Florida over the George Zimmerman verdict and “stand your ground” laws, or punish North Carolina for its retro Jim Crow-style voter suppression.

“Tourists thinking of going to the USA should think twice,” said former Australian deputy Prime Minister Tim Fischer. “I am deeply angry about this because of the callous attitude of the three teenagers [but] it’s a sign of the proliferation of guns on the ground in the USA,” he said of the “murder mayhem on Main Street.”

Fischer told CNN’s Piers Morgan that given you are 15 times more likely to be shot to death in America than in Australia, you’d better give that business or tourist trip to the states some careful thought.

...Racial combatants and rhetorical flame-throwers on the right disagree, of course.

...Until these detractors want to have an honest discussion about the scourge of firearms in America, we cannot take them seriously.

For the moment, perhaps forever, they are clouded by their hatred of black people, their fear of African-American teens like Trayvon Martin—“gangstas” and “thugs”as they call them—and their disrespect for black U.S. presidents, civil rights leaders, murder victims and their families. It is shameful, yet completely predictable
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First of all, RIP Chris Lane. I'm so sorry you had to join the ranks of countless victims who died simply because you were out and about, minding your own business.

Second of all, the teens who killed Lane really did kill him because they were bored...and people need to come to grips with that. This isn't news, not in America anyway. As soon as I read the words "teens", "gun", and "bored", I was completely up to speed. We can point the racial fingers all day long, but the fact remains that America does have a culture of violence, is mindlessly obsessed with guns, and has successfully bred an entire generation of sociopaths.

So while some folks wail all day about this being a "black" problem, anyone who resides outside of these disunited states is more than well aware that this is an American problem.  This country has a gun problem.  And this country will go on having gun problems.

So by all means, Australia...boycott away.


Christopher Lane, by Abagond


  1. Amen! I do not think Americans (regardless of race) ever think about how they are viewed outside the country. Part of the problem is the majority never leave the country so there is utopia of thought. The rose colored glasses are super glued on! What also amazes me is how its a "black" problem and then everyone appears clueless when the "white" kids start (of course they have being doing it all along their parents just didn't notice) people get upset and start complaining about how we NOW need to do something.

    1. Americans have told themselves they don't need to care what anybody thinks.

      Yeah, right. It's not like this country's economy or military is interdependent with anyone else's - no, sirree, we are an island and we can do bad all by ourselves.

  2. I feel as usual with white people or any group with privilege for that matter, it's not about any real concern because that would require introspection,( that they might be attributing to this too.) Instead it's about pointing the finger and saying "you see, you see, they (the less privilege group) do it too", with that " too" saying it all, and that's what's really mess up about it, they don't care about Christopher Lane's death they're just using it to prove a point.

  3. I made a response to any and all who are hopping mad and pointing the finger at the black community for this crime over at Rippa's blog. My position still stands.

    The right needs to go fuck themselves with a 10 foot pole for turning this into a racial poker game - I see your Trayvon Martin and raise you a Chris Lane. They don't give a damn about the problem of gun culture, because they love it to death. They can't stand it that there are POC who are born into that culture and have killed an innocent white man. To them it's okay if privileged white men possess guns, not underprivileged black men with guns. And if those white men kill, so what? As far as they're concerned, it's a non-issue when it comes to gun violence.

  4. Wait, wasn't one of Christopher Lane's murderers white? How in the world has the crazies on the right managed to turn this into a racial issue? It's clearly not. Plus, it can't even remotely be compared to Trayvon because poor Christopher was profiled and thank goodness his killers were arrested immediately. Anyone trying to compare the two incidents are just trying to stir up trouble.

    Amazing how they don't want black folks to talk about racism and the racial issues of POC, but we're all supposed to bow down when *they're* ready to talk about it. But only when it concerns white folks of course.

    ~ cinnamon

  5. Annoymous,

    Some people have gone to the lengths of arguing that the white kid is mixed with black. I even saw some nut argue that his middle name is a strong indicator that he has some "black" in him.

    1. Lol......I also heard where they also tried to make him part Latino.Oh god... anything to perpetuate the violent Black man stereotype. Now that's desperation right there.

  6. I know another thing that Chris and Trayvon have in common besides being young and dying too early.....both of them also have the misfortune of not being able to rest in peace because of news outlets like Faux.. *cough *Fox.

    It's a crying shame how these guys are being used like that. They are so racist that they can't even let their poor souls rest's very disgusting for them to do such a thing.Gosh! It just goes to show you that they have no respect for God and the dead. I don't see anything different with these low lives talking about them for political gain and desercrating somebody's grave. Faux might as well have done that because that is what they are doing... without knocking over a gravestone.

    Australia's PM is more than right about the U.S. and it do deserve to be boycotted. I just love it when they tell foreigners like him to stick their nose out of "our "affairs (Uh...don't the US to the same with the world?). He's seeing the US for what its for..violent and hypocritical. Why can't they own up to their responsibilities?Geez!

  7. Perla Buttons9/7/13, 10:34 PM

    I never agreed with what Tim Fischer and Howard did to our country, but he has certainly done a bit of good since retiring.

    Whatever cultural claims to gun ownership existed here were seriously weakened by the Port Arthur Massacre in 1996. We do have pro-gun politicians, but I don't think many of them are in favour of putting handguns and military-grade assault rifles in civilian hands or slashing registration laws. Anyone attempting to achieve that would have a bugger of a time getting the majority of voters to accept the notion that people *need* access to weaponry like that. The simple logic behind the post-Port Arthur changes worked - shrinking access to guns shrinks gun crime.

    Everyone here is just stunned by the murder and the motivation behind it. I haven't heard or read of anyone bleating that it's just like the murder of Trayvon Martin.News outlets just report that the comparison was made. Looking at the debate in the US, it seems like those claiming it was racially motivated are the same people who claim Trayvon's murder had nothing to do with race.

  8. I do find it amusing that white Americans like to pigeonhole violence into being anything but an endemic nationwide problem.

    In the mid 90s, HBO created a documentary called "Violence, An American Tradition" It's on YouTube...I don't recommend watching before bed time. Sad part is the same damned mindsets haven't changed ONE BIT.

    1. I ain't heard from you in a hot minute! Thanks for the recommendation.


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