Let's spend millions on education and economic development in America. Let's rebuild Detroit and New Orleans. Let's build schools, bridges, roads, highways, trains, trolleys in an efficient and timely manner. Let's run local governments intelligently with a focus on the needs of their community - not political agendas. Let's end the exportation of jobs and manufacture of products. Let's utilize the innovations that Americans have invented and developed. Let's seize upon the resources of solar, electric and other resources. Let's invigorate what was once massive industries such as fishing and logging in an environmentally sensitive yet productive manner. Let's diversify our currency, our economy and other economic bases. Let's create full time family wage jobs. Let's respect unions for their collective power to insure adequate not excessive benefits for their members. Let's reward Owners, CEOs, CFOs, etc. based upon actual monetary success for their respective companies and nothing less. Let's reward war veterans for their life threatening service to their government. Let's reward teachers for their often neglected job environments. Let's learn to work intelligently and respectfully with individuals and countries with different beliefs than our own. Let's end ignorance in the form of racism, sexism, nationalism, religion or any other -ism - such as materialism or even a person's charisma. Let's not judge a musical band based on how they look but on how they sound. Let's make movies with intelligent plot points, moving and convincing actors not comic book special effects. Let's move beyond a 5th grade literacy level of easily consumed entertainment. Let's move away from reality TV programming of gossip and argument to TV shows of people having fun together - working together as a team - appreciating one another. Oh and I don't know maybe saying something intelligent once in a while after the 20 minutes of TV commercials. Let's train our minds to be deeper, more intellectual - with greater empathy and understanding of ourselves and those around us. Let's serve the need we all have to learn and grow and become better people. Let's see this world as a place where all of us must work together to survive and prosper. And yes when there are incidents on the World Stage - let's work collectively and responsibly as a team player with the organizations that exist to address those issues - namely the United Nations and North Atlantic Treaty Organization.


  1. Makes a hell of a lot of sense. Unfortunately, common sense, intelligence, altruism and peace is regarded as "un-American" in America.

  2. Hey, mind if I do a blog response to this?

  3. Thanks. I really appreciate it.


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