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Black Girls' Night Out: Abbie Mills

Speaking of our regularly scheduled programming....

As you can see, we're keeping tabs on Abbie Mills (portrayed by Nicole Beharie) over at the Club.  This being the Bar, however, I need to talk the whole cast.  See Orci & Kurtzman are back together, doing their thing on Sleepy Hollow, and casting some fairly stomachable folks.

Here are the ones who caught my eye:

Nicole Beharie as Lt. Abbie MillsObviously.  That sort of just goes without saying.

Lyndie Greenwood as Jenny MillsLyndie Greenwood for the win!!!  So Beharie not only plays the lead, but unlike in friggin' Twisted she has a sister...whom we get to see!  Okay, so some background and character development appears to be in the works.  As Amaya pointed out on TBGC, her introduction is epic.

John Cho as Andy Dunn.  Love me some John Cho; will watch him in anything.  I was hesitant to see him in this role, but I find it oddly refreshing to watch him play a fairly demented character.  I don't like how they're not letting all his natural pretty shine through, though.

Orlando Jones as Captain Frank Irving (get it?).  It's always good to see a strong, professional black man in charge.  Problem is, his character has Admiral Syndrome.  You know...when a starship or space station Captain's trying to do their job, but the big brass at Starfleet Headquarters decide to send in some naysaying Admiral to get in the way or, at least, make things hard to protect their own image/career?

Tom Mison as Ichabod Crane.  Meet the guy who's got some folks already throwing shade at Abbie Mills (and her sister, after Jennifer appears in a scene for 10-20 seconds).  Anyways...I'm not really familiar with Mison, but it's nice to meet the guy.  He's British, so...there's that.  Two, his comedic timing is on point.  Three, he's admittedly easy on the eyes.

He's still no Tom Felton, though.

Clancy Brown as Sheriff Corbin.  Does anyone else remember this guy?  Here's a hint:

That's right...he's the Kurgan from Highlander.  Isn't he so distinguished now?  Now he's on a show where he gets beheaded in the first ep.  Well, they better bring him back in more flashbacks and visions.  I admit...I really like this guy.

And now for the bad

You knew it was coming.

Sleepy Hollow makes the American Revolution not only a war about white American freedom, but the safety of the whole world against the forces of darkness, and the slave-owning George Washington is propped up as the Great Hero.

...Deal with that for a moment 'cause I'm not even going to bother counting all that fail.

Then there's what I call the Third Wheel Phenomenon.  Ichabod has a wife, Katrina, who appears to him in visions and all that jazz, and who is a main character...but Ichabod and Abbie are clearly intended to be a couple some day.

If you watch Night Stalker, Scandal, Twisted (to an extent), and now Sleepy Hollow, you'll see it's a theme.  They've always got to have a white female insert in situations where her presence really isn't necessary.  All of these shows could've been done without a White Girl in the Way and yet...heeeeeere we are, with the black women seeming like the home-wreckers (or in the case of Twisted, cock-blocker/friendship-disrupter/whatever).

These are some kinks which can be worked out in time...assuming the show is given time to work them out.


  1. You left out Luke (aka Nicholas Gonzales). He'll be back. He was pretty stuff!

    Other than that whole Revolutionary War of Good and Evil bullshit, I haven't felt this comfortable watching a mainstream tv show, ever. Ever ever. I LOVE evil John Cho and Lyndie Greenwood is going to hit this out of the ballpark.

    1. Nicholas Gonzales is fine as hell, and he will be revisited when he isn't suffering from testosterone poisoning and says/does with depth.

    2. *says/does something with depth.

  2. ~spoilers!~

    I am loving Sleepy Hollow so far, the POC cast is awesome and I've always adored Nicole Beharie but I didn't expect to enjoy the show so much. Like you I am peeved with the way the show portrays the American Revolution and George Washington. And the white fangirl tears over Abbie are as usual gross but I'm not surprised to see them. Interestingly I don't ship Abbie with Ichabod, at least not as lovers/a couple. Did you see Luke? He was introduced in the last episode (how come he's not on the list above?) and I wouldn't mind seeing him and Abbie get back together. Whatever happens I'll be happy as long as Abbie wins. I don't like the way Katrina is a main character even though she may be dead, or stuck in a different realm, they should have made Luke a main character too and created a love triangle with him, Ichabod and Abbie.

    1. Cosmicyoruba, I wouldnt be surprised if they go the route of the love triangle with Luke taking the 'Brom' role from the original tale. I kind of caught that vibe from the competitiveness of their first exchange. I also kind of thought Andy (John Cho) had feelings for Abby from the pilot - until well everything that followed lol. But it will be interesting to see how it all plays out

    2. I'm not down with the love triangle format because it's been done to death, but I am digging seeing more of Luke and getting to know him and Abbie as a couple.

      *sigh* Let's hope Jenny's the lesbian in the family. She could date Jenna Ushkowitz or Liza Lapira or an alumna from Buffy (preferrably Bianca or Eliza).

    3. @Rachel Cade

      I thought the same thing too! It's a pity what happened to Andy, I'm glad he came back but I need to know more about his character.


      I'm okay with love triangles that are centred around Black women :D otherwise like you I'm not down with them. Yes! I hope Jenny's the lesbian in the family too omg.

  3. Why did I click that throwing shade link. Watching the show I couldnt help but think that temperament was out there (since the main characters do have chemistry) but to see it so blatantly gets under my skin in a way that reminds me why I stay away from tumblr and fandoms.
    "White girl in the Way" - I'm going to have to steal that one. But where the beef is going to be for them is that they are not used to seeing themselves erased, and they can't take it even if its 2 shows (Sleepy, Scandal) out of 1000--

    I dont know if you guys know, but IMDB only has 5 episodes of this show listed, I'm think Fox gave it a partial pickup, of course if the ratings stay they should get a full season pickup but it will have to go on hiatus to film more episodes.
    I didn't watch the Twisted finale ... I can't bring myself.

    1. LOL - I was dying at the comments. Folks were wondering why she hates Jenny so much when she was only on screen for a few seconds.

    2. Re: "White girl in the Way"

      Here's the thing. These women are cast strictly because they are white - that's it. But because whiteness is socially validated, white women aren't going to notice what's horribly wrong with casting a white actress strictly to represent white female "whiteness".

      Katrina's character is technically not necessary, and I feel the writers are struggling to make her relevant some way. Meanwhile, all I'm getting is the white earth mother trope complete with the red hair, pale skin, Gothic gown, and her coven.

      You can practically hear the bastardized, faux-Celtic music playing in the background. All that's missing is a cat lady in a faded full moon & wolf T-shirt.

  4. As long as Abbie's ex Luke and other love interests remain in the picture I can deal with Katrina. Luke was hella fine though. I prefer him to Icabod personally.

    But totally feel you on the Revolutionary War/Washington bullshit.

    1. As long as Abbie's ex Luke and other love interests remain in the picture I can deal with Katrina.

      Me too.

  5. ROFL at insertion of white women where they just aren't needed. I find that to be my life pretty much every day...
    And JUST started watching this show b/c between Netflix and Amazon and cable, I had forgotten that the primetime season had started on the regular networks (and yet they keep pushing it back further and further, since a lot of shows still won't have their premiers until the end of October).
    White girls just cannot stand seeing the black girl be the center of attention in any way.
    But hey, haters gonna hate...

  6. Also we have a woc writer on the show Chitra Elizabeth you can check out her twitter if you have one.

    -- Meanie

  7. I didn't have a chance to check it out yet but this gives me hope.

    As to the Revolutionary War history fail :-/

    But yaay! Jon Cho and Nicole Beharie and Orlando Jones with his sexy self who I haven't seen in a minute.
    sidenote:And Mr.Cho seems to actively pursue jobs where he works with black women or other women of color, and after the Shade he threw in an interview about Star Trek into the Darkness whitwashing a PoC character, I think its intentional.

    1. @Student, isn't Orlando Jones old enough to be your daddy?
      I am impressed how so many comedians are capable of so much depth in dramatic roles, and he is no exception.

    2. @Nicthommi
      Oh I'm sure he probably is lol, but I don't care, I like older men ;-)
      It's always been my belief that comedians do well in dramatic roles because comedy is in some ways harder than drama so the skills transfer over really well with the right perosn.

  8. I enjoy this show, and the casting is excellent. Beharie and Mison have great chemistry which helps make their characters interactions more interesting. This is the first time that I have really gotten an opportunity to watch John Cho's acting, and so far, I like him. The same goes for Orlando Jones, whom I didn't really take an interest in before this show, but to those who said that he's good at this kind of role, I agree. From watching the cast interviews, I also think he's quite funny, as well.

    I'm glad that Luke didn't get more screentime on the last episode. He comes off quite arrogant without the wit and charm to back it up, and if that's how he continues to be, then I don't want Abbie with him, because she has already been through to much to have to deal with that attitude from a romantic partner.

    As for Katrina, I understand why she is necessary for now, but she's also kind of forgettable, as well. If Ichabod doesn't mention her, then I don't think of her. I'm more tuned in to see how his working relationship with Abbie will progress since they are still in the getting to know you, can I really depend on you as a partner/confidante phase.

    1. As a witch who is black i am curious to see how they deal with Katrina.
      I also had some feelings of discomfort with Katrina as a "white" character, howvever witches are also marginalized people who are shown most often in a negative light in hollywood so i appreciate her presence and the fact they distinguish and have the dichotomy of divine vs dark magical practice.

  9. I am in love with the POC cast, yesss and finally!!!

    I really like the show and what they are doing with it. I kind of just turned deaf whenever it went to the whole Revoulutionary War aspects( cuz last I checked, black folks were still slaves back then sooo...)

    Katrina is necessary for the storyline( like someone who will be named...Jo...why is she in the show again?) as long a they don't try that whole " let's resurrect her for some unknown reason and have Abbie with Ichabod thus making a stupid and illogical love triangle.

    Yes for Orlando Jones on being back on screen!!! I have missed him & yes comedians can make some of the best dramatic actors ever.

    For whatever reason, I could see Ichabod liking Abbie before she even thinks to bat an eyelash his way, idk but that's just the vibe that I'm getting.

    And...hey John Cho( you sexy man you) XD

    Three Cheers for Great POC casting Sleepy Hollow!!!

    ....now come on Scandal

  10. Lol!!! Every time I visit and lurk here I am so gratified to see the thoughts I keep in my head about certain subjects typed out loud! I'm not personally feeling the show, but I am totally tuning in to support Nicole Beharie and Lyndie Greenwood and a mostly POC cast stay on television. To be honest I was done when I saw Katrina. It's like watching the Titanic. I know how it's going to end. They are going to get Ichabod and Abbie together for the requisite two weeks (apparently that's the affirmative action requirement for tv interracial couples) and then they are going to magically bring Katrina back to life to break them up. I just can't with that.


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