Brown Girls on Ice

I'll be honest; I'm a figure skating fan and have been since childhood.  I particularly loved seeing black girls skate because the sport is essentially ballet/rhythmic gymnastics on ice - a graceful, feminine, delicate art form.  And while some folks may not ascribe those traits to black women, the following young ladies embody them.

If you're on the Black Girls Club, these names should be familiar:

Vanessa James, France

Mae Berenice Meite, France

Chelzie Lee (Blasian), Australia

I'm always looking for names to add to my lists, so share!!!


  1. I'm always impressed to see the number of Black gymnasts and ice skaters that are represented in our community. Honestly, I didn't know that there were many as I've been seeing on here,but I'm happy about it because there are White and even some Black people who don't know the count of them.

    Gymnastics.. especially rhythm ones and ice skating are cool sports. I grew up watching Tai Babilona .Though I didn't care that much for her bourgie attitude, she was a joy to watch on the rink. I also loved Debbie Thomas and man oh man..I really loved Surya Bonaly. That girl did some different things that no other ice skater has done.Good as they were, they were cheated. Surya REALLY got shafted and every time the question was asked of the snubs, at least with Surya,excuses came like she had a bad attitude problem or her style of skating didn't belong in I've skating. Far as attitude, Tonya Harding and even Nancy Kerrigan had attitude problems but folks still praised them until their dark sides came to light.

    1. We need more skaters, though. Definitely more skaters.


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