With Love...From a Fan

I knew this was only a matter of time.  You can't blog about a show like Twisted without attracting the attention of a certain breed.

This one's in response to a comment by KStyle:


  1. BlackPeopleSufferFromPTSD8/5/13, 9:49 PM

    You're a racist! Racism wouldn NEVER exist without Black people! Never mind slavery and Jim Crow laws and systematic subjugation for centuries. No, it is you whiny filthy darkies!

    lol Did I hit the nail on the head? These people are a overplayed joke.

  2. Maybe I'm slow, but how does Jo being there for Danny attribute to Lacey ending up with him? I really can't with this haphazardly thrown together "logic" and cry of racism. Oh, and way to be a bold and stand by your argument 'Anonymous'. ::rolling eyes ::

    1. Yeah...I didn't quite follow that one either.

  3. Wait, I thought without Danny there would be no show? I guess the whole "murdering his aunt" thing is a mere footnote.

    1. I haven't watched the show, but have read updates you guys provide. From what I get Danny IS the reason for the show. I mean if he wasn't up there what would be the point for the rest of them.

    2. @ Siah

      *dead*...no pun intended.

      @ Lesa

      From what I get Danny IS the reason for the show.

      Which, apparently, is tolerable so long as the show is told from a white POV.

    3. BN being racist? That is like calling the kettle Black. *about to fall on the floor in laughter *

      I agree. If there is no Danny, a domino affect will take place and the show will die. Though I don't hate Jos character, she doesn't hold a candle to him no kind of way. Honestly, I'm watching Twisted predominantly because of him,then Lacey and so on and the poster may as well be honest on why Twisted is successful and it is because of Danny. We all already will know what will happen if he leaves the show.They could have kept that lie in their mouth.Geez!

      Let's be honest here: if the poster thought that Jo is the reason why Twisted is successful, why did they come an spew that lie on a Blasian website ?We already know it really isn't about Jo .Who do they think they're fooling?

    4. They posted it here at the Bar.

  4. Omg I feel so honored, my first "Love Letter" !!! Dare I say that I'm getting a fan following, oh what joy!

    So...fan of mine; let me give you a little background about me. I'm a theatre major so that means I study what it means and how to act. Jo is a lifeless character, the actress playing her doesn't know how to emote correctly so thats why I can't stand her character and feel that the story would go by without a beat if she like died or something :) like I wrote before I even like her jackass of a father better than her and his character is so typical hard-nosed alpha I know everthing white male character ( aka a white stereotype).

    As always I enjoy telling the truth and I'm not sorry that you had a seizure from it. BTW next time leave your name, don't be afraid to leave your name, it's not like we will find you and do inhumane things to your person (we aren't animals or white Americans).

    All My Love,
    Your Favorite Person :D


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