The Bar Pops Pink Champagne for Antoinette Tuff

...damn, woman. You almost single-handedly redeemed your state.
"I had a feeling he was going to eventually, one day, do something stupid, but not of this magnitude."

~ Timothy Hill (Source)
By now you've no doubt heard the tale of Antoinette Tuff (in every sense of the word), a Georgian school clerk who talked would-be shooter Michael Brandon Hill out of shooting a bunch of defenseless elementary school kids. The 'sphere can't stop gushing about her, and it's no wonder why. She is an amazing woman who kept countless people from getting killed, including herself and Hill.

I've listened to the 911 call, I've read the accounts, and as I stop to think about what could've happened that day, I remain in awe.

Especially since....
On Wednesday, authorities revealed Hill had been carrying 500 rounds of ammunition. He was charged with aggravated assault on a police officer, terroristic threats, and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. His motive was unclear, though apparently he has made violent threats in the past.

According to police, he sent his brother Timothy a Facebook message last December saying “that he would shoot him in the head and not think twice about it.” Timothy Hill told police at the time that his brother had a “long history of medical disorders.”

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  1. Leo Princess8/24/13, 3:59 PM

    I've very glad she was able to save the children and herself from certain death, but I have to ask....WHY don't these freaks just shoot their own damn selves instead of mowing down* innocent people first?! That requires too much conscious decision making for me to chalk it up as 'being mentally ill'!

    *or planning to

    1. I agree

      Edit: it seems I'm getting the capcha more often than normal. Did we have an influx of trolls?

  2. You read my mind...I was going to email that we should toast her.
    And not surprisingly, people are getting angry when some have pointed out that a black lady showed so much compassion for a white man who showed up to kill her and a lot of black children.
    She was amazing, and she did demonstrate the kind of compassion that only black people can show for white people who intend to do us harm.
    White people just are not capable of that kind of mercy. I'm sorry, but they aren't. Might be a bit too absolute for some, but I don't care.
    You know that had the races been reversed (shooter, her, school), the shooter would be deader than dead.

    1. It's funny that you mention this, because CDV over at WARN was talking this one time about how we (black people) have way too much love for our enemies, and the ways in which that's prevented us from achieving our goals in the past (slavery, the CRM, Black Nationalism, etc.) and that it was a blessing and a curse kind of deal. He tied it back into the saying that we're the conscience of America, and that we have a duty to speak truth to power. It was a really interesting essay and the comments section was fantastic. There was a debate about whether it was a result of slavery or not, or some combination of who we were before we got here combined with the slavery experience.

  3. Now she is what you call a true Wonder Woman.

    I was so elated to hear that no one..especially the little ones...was spared from what could have been another American tragedy. It was said that Obama congratulated her on her courageous move, which was well deserved.

  4. Girl, that happened near the school where my bestie works, and the entire county went on lockdown.

    My problem is this: If you want to kill yourself, do it. Don't go to a school or any place else and threaten to take innocent people who don't know or give two shits about you with you. That's just a call for attention, not someone who really wanted to take their own life. People who are really serious about ending it all never announce it to the world. I'm just saying.

    This woman is a hero of the first magnitude and she should be treated as such.

    1. Perla Buttons8/26/13, 8:53 PM

      I remember reading about a guy who killed a few people and himself at a shopping strip or mall. He made it clear both that he wanted to die and that his reasoning was "If I''m going down, I'm taking you with me". There's mental illness, and then there's being a an entitled, murderous arsehole with an inferiority complex/desire to be famous.

  5. [troll mode]If she had a gun, she coulda talked him down a lot faster!!!1111[/]


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