The Bar Loves Jhené Aiko with me now.  How come none of y'all introduced me to this woman?  I only just found out about her because I was watching a Rated Next Generation dance video.

Meet Jhené Aiko, a charming young chanteuse who is every sense of the word.

To be honest, I don't know much about her other than the fact that her song "3:16 am" is on heavy rotation in my Hyundai.  I mean, I get that she got her start working with B2K back when they were relevant and all...but I never cared about those dudes.

And I don't really care much for what's happening to popular music, but the way the lyrics and music are handled in this song make me believe that I should hang onto what's left of my faith just a little longer.

Or rather...get my faith back, as a start.


  1. I've been listening to Jhene Aiko since January. Her album/mixtape (not sure) Sailing Soul(s) is also really good.

  2. LoL ur slow. She's been relevant in the Asian American music scene for years.

    1. *blink*

      ...aaaaaaand all those times you filled my inbox with links and mp3s, you never thought to mention her?

    2. I figured you already knew her =P

  3. Though I'm just getting acquainted with her singing, I would see it her face all around the AMBW community wondering who she is. Now that I got to hear a sample a little of Jhene's music, I will say that she's sound pretty good.


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