The Bar Loves Ashton Moio

Remember when I discussed the other brown girl from ABC's Twisted?  Meet the other brown boy*.

Ashton Moio is a stunt actor and martial artist who's transitioned into scripted acting.  He's appeared in several projects, namely The Hunger Games and, ironically, Dexter.  Parties who are way too interested will note that he was also (briefly) on Victorious with Avan Jogia.

On Twisted, Moio plays Rico (still no last name) the quintissential "Nerd Prince."  No, really...flip a dictionary open to the term and you'll find a picture of this guy.  Rico and Jo have the highest GPAs in their high school and it's no shocker why; before Danny returned to Green Grove, all they did was study.

Seriously; they went to school every day and then after school headed to a diner where...all they did was study.  And when Danny points this out and they decide immerse themselves in high school culture, Rico joins the friggin' Mathletes.


I love, love, love this character.

I don't know why so-called "Janny" fans are pushing for Jo and Danny to be together. Folks remarked during their dance at Fall Fest that he looked liked a guy who was dancing with his sister. This week's episode confirmed just that: Danny sees Jo as a sister.

But I don't get what Jo fans are ticked off about though because when she finally succumbs to Rico's dorkish adoration - and she will - it'll be like a volcanic eruption.  I'm talking broken furniture and everything.

But back to answer a popular question: no.  He's not single.  And it's really no surprise who his significant other is.

I believe you're all familiar with Miss Kylie Bunbury?
By the way...remember when I mentioned Moio is a stunt actor?  Check out this behind-the-scenes footage from NCIS.

He's pretty funny in real life too.

I'm so glad I'm not a dude.

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*Though I doubt any of the regulars here at the Bar will ask, Moio is Latino.  I looked it up weeks ago on a hunch.  Of course, that info's since been taken down, which bugs.


  1. Beautiful couple.

    Wow! He may be a stunt actor and a humorist, but I wonder did Ashton ever run track?That boy can run! Also had no idea that he was a martial artist. I wouldn't want to mess with! I guess I have gotten so smitten with Avan until you can forget about him and I also like Ashton's character Rico because he doesn't join the popular mainstream crowd and is still respected. In most shows, they don't focus that strongly on nerds but they do with Ashton. He's not awkward, weak or lifeless like most of them are portrayed on TV.His character reminds me of the nerds I went to school with.

    While I'm not going to fool around with some kid, thinking about some of those "Janny" fans are just sad, laughable and it's just not just about them only. Remember how you would discuss about White women's pedestals? Well, I see these girls doing the same.POCs especially Black women are not supposed to be with non Black guys and one that is very hot. Oh no.They may tolerate a little if they are leftovers but a hot one.That's a no no.You wouldn't expect for them to act like that considering that he's a POC,but that insecurity gets the best of them. If that was Rico I still believe it would have been the same thing. Pedestals is like an addictive drug for them.They have to have to have!

    For me, I love Danny and Lacey s relationship.I also like Jo,Rico and just that show as a whole. I've never seen a show where everybody clicks, but I'm just going say it,I just can't see Jo with Danny without bias. Just like those Janny fans I see Jo as his sister. Even if that wasn't the case,..I'm sorry Jo don't fit the role as a romantic figure. When she was having that dream about her and Danny romancing with all due respect, I close my eyes. I just didn't look right. In that scene, it looked like Danny was kissing a nun.I'm not saying that to be sarcastic but ..really.. she did. As I said on another topic on Twisted,if Avan would have romanced Denise Richards on there, it would look more credible than he and Jo and she's a much older woman.

    I hope that ABCfamily keep up the good work and not listen to those insecure racists fans of theirs.

  2. I love everyone on Twisted except for Jo, I mean I even like the adults even tho Denise Richards needs to give her lips a break ( ma'am your lips don't need to pout in a crying scene, smh).

    Love all that PoC Love that I'm seeming even behind the screen.
    But I wonder what it's like to have your girl be on the same show and have to watch her make out with other guy(that kindof sucks :/

    Rico is essential to Twisted (but can he get a last name, that would be lovely writers/producers of the show). He is logical, super funny and nice eye candy( can never have enough eye candy), smart and a good friend (but of course Jo is ignorant to these facts) and last week's episode made me really not like Jo and her freakin logic (everyone is telling you that Tyler is bad news but you are like what, no way would he do something like that and you've known him for like two seconds, chic get outta here) but I digress.

    Rico is awesome, Danny is amazing and Lacy is fantastic ( Jo who? No seriouly who is that cuz I frankly I just dont give a dam).

    1. Rico is essential to Twisted (but can he get a last name, that would be lovely writers/producers of the show).

      For real. How come Rico and Sarita still don't have last names? Both characters were introduced before Tyler and Phoebe Lewis but they don't have last names - the hell?

      Fuck...Regina Crane got taken out in the very first episode and she got a last name.

  3. Yeah I noticed that now all you can find is that he is part Irish.

    1. Oh my gods...what is up with that????

      I figured he was Latino to begin with (like Michael Trevino), so it was no shocker when he confirmed it on his own Myspace page. Now that page has been completely revamped and the info was dropped - what the hell?

      I get that Latino actors have had better success in the industry when they downplay their origins (the Sheen family, for example), but come on. We're willing to accept Latinos are about the be the new majority in America, and our politicians are willing to vie for their votes...but we still hesitate to show 'em on TV in positive light?

      At the time I confirmed Moio was Latino, he'd already landed the role on Twisted - as a guy named "Rico" no less - he'd amassed a growing fan base, and the show's been consistently killing it in the ratings (not to mention it's been renewed for a second season).

      So...dafuq? The cat's already out of the bag, and I seriously doubt anybody cares. Not to mention, Rico is a positive role model for brown youth. He's so smart, and disciplined, and socially insightful (in his own way), and utterly lovable. I want to meet his family, and I want to hear him comfortably speak to his parents in Spanish.

      And I want to see more joint interviews with his beautiful brown girlfriend where they show off their fabulous brown love.


  4. I justed started watching Twisted via netflix and I came to the same conclusion everything you said about JO, its like for some odd reason having a beautiful black girl get the guy, is just hard for alot of white females to take i use to watch soapoperas and its the same senario each time. I love the fact that their is a good show on with POC who are not tokens or filler and yeah Rico is hot, I thought so from the very beginning you go Kylie

    1. Enjoy the good stuff while it lasts, dearie. That show starts to go downhill fast.

    2. Yep! Supposedly, improvements are supposed to be coming on the show because of the understandable backlash about Laceys character.I sure hope so,but IDK.. Laceys character has been damaged(I won't tell you because I wouldnt want to spoil it for you but when you do ,you'll really get pissed off for it).I'm trying to see how she's going to be fixed.

      I just love it when those racist cray-cray fangirls just get schizophrenic over a non-Black man.. especially a hot one getting close to a black woman. It's like they want to dictate the world and tell guys who to act in a picture with or who they should get close with. I was reading several gossip blogs and even on the Wendy Williams show about Condola Rashad (Phylicia and Rashad 's daughter) and Orlando bloom possible love affair. I don't know if it is/isn't true but even it is true, the man likes what he likes and its not he never went with a Black woman before. He dated Naomi Harris. If he is dating Condola ( hopefully not because he's still married), so be it.No surprise there.. lol!

      Anyways, soon as the rumor came out, all sorts of racist ugly came from writers. They talked about Condol's looks and if they weren't doing that, they were basically like "OMG..what happened " or "I don't understand.." like they don't get why a top White Hollywood actor be involved with a Black woman? I just loved the part where they talked about Condola's looks. To me,she looks just as good as Miranda Kerr and if good looks is supposed to make a good marriage, why are Orlando and Miranda calling it quits? Their conceit is pathetic

  5. lol I totally get what your saying, its hilarious most just can't understand how a non black man can be attracted to a black women. But Orlando Bloom is British and most Brits don't have a problem with dating or marrying a black woman its really only here in the U.S where its a huge problem for the crazy fan girls. Even Gerard Butler is known for dating mostly black women he's Scottish.

    1. Only in the "good" ol' US of A where we can dictate who we can/ can't tell people who they should!


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