Alison Roh Park...Flawless Victory

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I also find the “Is Miley racist or not?” debate ridiculous. Of course she is.  Cyrus is descended from a long line of European American celebrities from a range of artistic disciplines—Gwen Stefani, Elvis, Alan Ginsberg and other beat poets, Madonna, The Eagles, The Beatles, to name a few—whose careers are built on the backs of people of color and the third world and the use of black women as sexual and racial props.

...Miley Cyrus’ appropriation of twerking and other emblems of “ratchet culture” (e.g. NYC public school in the nineties…good times) was made possible by the historical and social context from which it arises. It’s completely in line with not only recent White pop culture but also the spectacalizing of non-white women’s bodies as early as Ms. Baartman and that of Ah Fong Moy, a young Chinese woman who performed “Chineseness” and was exhibited along with “Oriental” furniture just a few decades later in the U.S. as a teenager.

Today, we have the appropriation-cum-bastardization of kama sutra, ginseng, “geisha” lingerie, grills, colloquialisms, moccasins, and so much. We have Sports Illustrated photo shoots of exemplars of “western” beauty with backdrops of parts of Asia that look very much like places where, during the Vietnam War, the U.S. buried thousands of mines that blow up little kids to this day. We have Katy Perry rocking grills while over a million black men are locked up. We have White suburban youth wearing scanty Pocahontas costumes while over 30 percent of Native women are raped in their lifetime. We have foodies and hip fusion eateries proliferating right next door to food deserts in the U.S., while Montsanto appropriates seeds in Asia and devastates the ecosystems, economies, and lives of millions in Asia. We have the myth of Western democracy (read: capitalism) as a catalyst for gender equality in the third world while the meme “little brown fucking machines”, coined by U.S. military personnel in southeast Asia, continues to generate over 111,000 Google search hits for the use and pleasure of the “Western” male to “[d]iscover what only Asian girls can do with their pussy: Extracting flowers, needles, razor blades, bananas…writing a letter, playing trumpet….”

~ Alison Roh Park, "After Miley, Remembering Hottentot Venus and Ah Fong Moy"
Um...what's that we were just saying?


  1. I've seen a lot of booty dances in my day, (going all the way back to the 60's with the Shimmy). My cousin taught my Mother how to do it. Not one of these so-called booty dances came from the white community, not one. Even the Lindy Hop was a black invention. When white people wanted to learn the latest fads or dances where did they go? They went to Harlem.

    Historically, Ann Pennington was considered a Twerker/Shimmy dancer of sorts.

    “Fascinated with the antic styles performed by black ragtime dancers, she took lessons from the brilliant Virginian dance teacher, Billy Pierce, and perfected on the stage the "shake and quiver" style of show dance. She popularized the "Black Bottom" and was the only white woman dancer who influenced black Broadway dance styles.”

    In other words she took a dance that blacks had been doing for years, appropriated the styles and introduced them to a white mainstream. There could be no ‘Ann Pennington’ without black culture. Here she is doing The Black Bottom:

    An excerpt from, " The Characteristics of Negro Expression." By Zora Neale Hurston

    "Gershwin and the other "Negro" rhapsodists come under this same axe. Just about as Negro as caviar or Ann Pennington's athletic Black Bottom. When the Negroes who knew the Black Bottom in its cradle saw the Broadway version they asked each other, "Is you learnt dat new Black Bottom yet?" Proof that it was not their dance."

    In other words, to many whites Ann Pennington may have represented the "Authentic Black Dance Experience" on Broadway, (as best she was able) but no matter how she got the mechanics down it was never performed in the manner that blacks did it. It’s the same with Miley Cyrus, and just as racist I might add.

  2. White people are making me like them less and less each day. I'll just leave it at that.


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